Resurrect Cheat! - Easily Resurrect your sims!

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2015 at 2:41 AM
Updated: 19th May 2019 at 12:14 PM
This mod has been discontinued and may not work in newer versions of the game. Better mods like MC Command Center can do the work for you. However, source code is now published in my GitHub account, in case you want to fix it. Pull requests there are welcome, as well as republishing the mod here, but always credit first, please.

I was having problems with the book of life and the ambrosia, so I decided to do a mod for my personal use. Finally, I decided to share this simple mod with the community. Enjoy!

Brief Description

Open the console by using CONTROL+SHIFT+C. To resurrect your sims, simply use resurrectsim <FirstName> <LastName>, like in picture below

The mod is very simple, when you run that command, the mod will use the same method that EA uses to resurrect sims from other "legal" methods.
If you type the name incorrectly, the mod will show up a message, don't worry.
To confirm the process was succesfully, the mod also send you a confirmation message.

Known bugs

The mod works perfectly, but if you die from embarrasement, you will still receiving ghost buffs. The game puts a tracker on you that remain in you inclusive when you aren't a ghost. EA do that in a stupid and in strange way, instead of deleting it with the deletion of the ghost data.

I'm looking for a solution.


Simple: Place the .zip file on your mods folder. Make sure, NO UNZIP!
That means: Download it and place on the mods folder, without touching anything else.


Additional Credits:
EA, I took the cheat resetsim as base
mgomez, i see how to add commands with his mods
jcgurango, I see his tutorial for learn a bit of Python and for compile the scripting.

Thank you very much!