Enhanced Vampires(Update 11/20/22)

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2020 at 11:19 AM
Updated: 20th Nov 2022 at 12:26 PM

Hi Everyone,
I am Pudding Face. This is my Enhanced Vampires mod. It is a sequel to my More Real Vampires Version 2 mod. I have uploaded a new mod instead of simply updating because this mod is a lot bigger and is doing a lot more than the previous one. So I felt it warrants a new upload of it's own. This is my Halloween gift to you guys Happy Halloween!

Trailer Video

1) Battery's C# Script Utility Mod won't work without this.
2) Druyddark's Vampire Bite Replacement Mod this is optional but HIGHLY recommended. If you are using this mod go to the menu to check Vampire Bite Replacement option to true. If you are not using this mod then make sure that option is false. But again I recommend that you do use it.


1) A brand new Skill for Vampires. Called the Vampirism skill. It's a hidden skill.
2) Many New abilities for Vampires will unlock as you level up your Vampirism skill.
3)A menu similar to the ones you find in Nraas mods. You can access the menu by clicking on the City Hall>PuddingFace>Enhanced Vampires.

Detailed Description:-

How to Install
1)Download Battery's C# Script Utility mod.
2)Download the Enhanced Vampires.7z . The NoThirst.7z is an optional add on that can work on it's own. None of these mods depend on each other.
3)Optional Step. Download Druyddark's Vampire Bite Replacement Mod this is optional but HIGHLY recommended. The red glow when feeding on Sims in my trailer and images is from this mod.
4)Extract the packages with 7zip or WinRAR or other softwares.
5)Put them in the Mods/Packages folder.
6)Start the game.
7)Play as a Vampire to see the effects.
(If this is the first time you're downloading a mod, check the proper instructions in the Files tab.)

If you were using More Real Vampires Version 2 mod, then before you download this mod, delete that mod then open your game and save and quit. Why you need to do this is because some of the moodlets have been changed. And some minor issues can appear when the old code clashes with the new. Nothing game breaking as far as I know.

Recommended Mods
Some mods that I recommend using alongside this.
Druyddark's Vampire Bite Replacement Mod this mod is even showcased in the trailer due to how well it works.
Nraas Hybrid https://www.nraas.net/community/Hybrid to allow Hybrids and Nraas Master Controller and Nraas Story Progression to create hybrids.

My mod is compatible with Druyddark's Vampire Bite Replacement mod. However you have to go to the menu to check Vampire Bite Replacement option to true. If you are not using his mod then make sure this option is set as false. I HIGHLY recommend that you get this mod. It's really really great.

My mod is compatible with Sauzer's More Vampire Powers mod and Enirei's vampire mods.

My mod tunes the VampireHunt_Terrain, VampireReadMind_Sim and VampireThinkaboutMe_Sim Itun files and motives.xml file located in gameplaydata.package. Any other mod that does the same will conflict with it.

Thank you for using my mod. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you find any problems.

Additional Credits:
Battery for helping me out a lot with this mod and for his C# Script Utility mod.

Druyddark for helping with animations and for being a great friend.

Bast, TheNovak for Russian translation

WesGp for translating to Portuguese Brazilian.

Chain_Reaction for being so helpful in the Nraas forums. I learnt a lot from him.

Gamefreak130 for helping me out a lot with the Vampiric auras code.

Lyralei for a lot of help.

Buzzler, NonaMena, CmarNYC for their tutorials.

Douglasveiga and Ghost sdoj for helping me out in the help forum.

VelocityGrass's no effects mod tool.

A lot of friends I made on this site like SecretX, Sofmc9 and just too many to name.

Tremerion for his Vampire mood mod which inspired me to make my own mod.

All other modders whose mods I downloaded over the years which gave me the confidence to make my own.

S3PE, VS2015