Castle Island, basegame map NO CC

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2014 at 5:58 PM
Updated: 25th Jun 2014 at 9:13 PM
Castle Island is a small community around a big fortress. I have made the mountain and the nature, the rest is up to you. It contains a bit of everything I can do in basegame. The top mountain has a big 64x64 lot with smaller lots clinging to the mountain side. There is no other content needed for this map, just basegame.

I had a request for an Island map just a bit bigger than my Rendalen map without roads, and here it is. I have made it slightly more medieval in colors, but there is no "aging" items on this map. You can use it for whatever style you like. It's been made with only Basegame installed, even for the bridge lots, beach lots and port lots.

I have been playtesting it with Seasons and Island Paradise installed. Lulla Thams bought herself a very nice scandinavian style house. It's already uploaded a few days ago and sits on the half submerged lot on the left peninsula.

Both the inner and outer waters work very well with a speedboat. I can't test with a houseboat because the map is not compatible. A houseboat may need wider waters.


Right side:
Beach like area, but higher from the sealevel than on the left side. It has at the back 6 beach huts and a few bigger house lots. An Island on the right back side has a lot with 1 part on the main island and one part on a smaller island. I also made a bridge lot with a routed path to the mountain, and a port lot beside it. Together with some more beach lots and long lots on flatish ground, they form a community.
Beach: 30x30, 6x 30x10, 40x30, 60x30, 30x15, 20x50, 40x40, 30x60, 2x 20x60
Flatish: 15x15, 50x15, 40x15
Port: 40x64,
Bridge: 50x64,

Front right side:
A big flat area to put your lots down where you like. If anything is granted in this game, this should be the best place to start a community with your own size lots and place them where you like. Routed beachside for the adventurous kind of players.
No lots here.

Middle side:
Mountain side with some houses along it's side and a big lot in the middle on a flat area. 2 paths to the lower waterfront, and the main road. Main bridge to the mountain top.
Flat: 64x64,
Sloped: 30x20, 20x25, 20x15, 2x 15x30, 30x30, 20x20, 20x50, 20x39, 40x29
Less Sloped: 20x20, 20x30, 25x20, 10x10
Bridge: 60x50
Beach: 20x20

Front Left side:
A square area enclosed by an unroutable enclosure. Same as on the right front side. Some beach area beside it on each side.
No lots here.

Left side, Peninsula:
Left bridge to the mountain. Lower area with an half submerged lot, or you can lift it a bit if you like. A long flat lot with a tree to for a courtyard.
Beach: 40x40,
Flatish: 20x40,
Bridge: 30x55,

Files Included:

1. CastleIsland by Volvenom is just installed like any sims3pack file. You need either WinRAR or some other zip program to unzip it. I used 7zip to zip it up. This is the file for regular users.
2. Caw files: These includes settings, layers and lots, Beginning file for cleaning the global layer, and the .world file. The Global layer file has the same HEX numbers as the end world, you just need to swap them This is the download for people with caw.
3. CastleIsland by VolvenomV2, update june 25, I needed a 50x50 sloping lot on the mountain.

Update june 25: I have removed two minor lots and a tiny one on top of the mountain, and put in a 50x50 slope lot instead. I also fixed some tearing issues hopefully. I just put some plants there as none of the fixes I tried did the trick. The caw files will still be the same.




Technical issues


Many thanks to lulume for trying out the steep cliffs for bridge building, and providing some insight from a not so nerdy player.

There is no photoshopping on the screenshots other than my watermark, names and description on the maps.