Mono Beard Apartments

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Don't even ask me where I got that name from, but apparently it's a new thing with this big beard these days ... and Mono? well, that's a small place up some street with a small stage.

This is an high-end apartment building with apt in different sizes. 1 flat for the active family on the top floor has 2ba, 3bd, it's fully furnished. The other tenants flat may bee too small for a bathroom or a TV, or basically the decoration NPC's do is completely useless. The building has 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet, and 2 rooms to fit laundryrooms into if you like. It also has a swimmingpool, 3 livingrooms and a roof terrace with cooking facilities for the tenants to share.

The active family apartment has 2 double and 1 single with two beds, that will be 6 people?


Ground Floor: 1 big apartment with two big terraces, 3 medium sized and 2 small ones. For all the tenants inside it has a livingroom with a pooltable, bookcases and a sofa. In a separate building it has a tenants section with toilet/shower, a livingroom and space for a laundry room if you have Ambitions or Town Life.

Outside: A big swimmingpool and 3 places to sit and relax. Room for 6 cars at the front.

First Floor: 2 big apartments, 5 medium sized and 4 small ones. No community rooms here.

Second Floor: 1 very big apartment, 1 big one and 2 medium sized. Here is a loilet/shower room with space for a laundrette, and a community livingroom. It has the same layout as the one on the ground floor.

Third Floor: 1 big apartment, 5 medium sized and 4 small ones. No community rooms here.

Fourth Floor: The decorated active apartment with 1 double room ensuite, 1 double and 1 room with two bed, another bathroom, a kitchen with diningroom and a livingroom open plan. This floor also has a roof terrace for all the tenants with a full kitchen and 2 diningtables. 4 medium sized apartments and 3 small ones. Entrance to the roof of the main building.

Roof Floor: This is not decorated, but very big.

Above is one of the common areas, the lower roof terrace.

The NPC apartment has not been decorated as they don't use it and it adds to the price for the active family. I have decorated the community areas and the active apartment, but not the big top roof terrace.

This house has two versions.

1. The main one is all finished for you to move into, You have one apartment as described above, the rest will be for NPC's. OBS: if you need to do changes to this version that isn't inside your apartment you have to use a cheat. Open the cheat console with shift+ctrl+C and type "RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings False". When you're finished you can use the same cheat but replace false with true.
Price for this one furnished/unfurnished: 49k/6,6k

The common room by the entrance on the ground floor has bookshelfs, chess table and this pool table.

2. The second version doesn't have any public or hidden markers. I you decide to download the one without the markers, you will have to either know your way around those markers or have a different plan for the building. If you like a tiny apartment for something like a poor Sim, this house might be suitable for that. You will then have to get rid of the furniture in the apartment I have decorated, and rearrange the markers. If you're not sure about the how the markers work downloading the one with markers above, might be a better solution for you. It all depends on your knowledge with the markers, because getting it wrong might be potentially exhausting.
Price for this one furnished/unfurnished: 436k/377k

Zoning for both versions: Residential.

CC needed for the decoration.

If you decide not to download the furniture I have used for the decoration below, you will have to replace the bricks on the facade, kitchen counters and sofa in the common areas. The active apartment will be all a mess. There is no CC included in any of these files. A file with the furniture included will most likely be available at a later date. It will be the version with all the markers, ready to use.
Click on the spoiler below:

This house is made and uploaded on patch 1,67

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 49k
Lot Price (unfurnished): 6,6k

Additional Credits:
Mods used for testing in both Stranda and Castle Island, worlds by me:


Mods for Stranda alone:


Mods and CC for Una comes from:

Makeup by: Lemonleaf, Elexis, Newseasims
Skins by: Lemonleaf, teru_k
Sliderns by: bella3lek4, GnatGoSplat, Jasumi
Special Effects: Arisuka