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Uploaded: 15th May 2020 at 5:09 PM
Updated: 5th Oct 2020 at 5:17 PM

Welcome to the realm of Mermaidia
The realm of Mermaidia is hidden behind a veil of endless waves, deepest sea and fog so impenetrable, that not a single sailor has ever entered its shores. The realm is flourishing under the watchful eye of Saela - Goddess of all Waters. The lives of all Mermaidians are guided by magical rituals and ancient customs.

World Details

Population: unpopulated
Size: 1024x1024 - medium
World Type: Base (suburban)
Number of community lots: 18 (plus 6 dive lots)
Number of residential lots: 14
Diving and tomb adventures included
File size: ca. 49 MB

Number of layers: 8 plus Global Layer
Number of terrain textures: 15 on some chunks I used more than the recommended 8 per chunk but that shouldn’t be a problem.
Most parts of the islands are routable but the sea can be entered only from specific spots to limit water taxi usage and to avoid lags.

  • All BG fish spawners
  • All seashell spawners
  • All BG harvestable plants can be found on lots
  • All turtle spawners
  • Most BG, WA and LN gem spawners
  • Most BG and WA metal spawners


Required Expansions: All Expansion packs, No store content, no Stuff Packs required
Built on patch level:

Required CC

Mermaidian subway (included in the download, please don't forget to put it into your mods (packages) folder) - Custom CC for Mermaidia by the amazing Ladyatir

- Jynx’ rabbithole rugs (pets fixed) for Business and Journalism, Hospital, Science, Bookstore, Grocery, Graveyard, Town Hall, Diner and School from here: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=552847, post #6, you only need the basegame ones. (It is very important to download these specific rabbit hole rugs I have linked to. Others won’t work even if they have the same name! You will know you have the correct files installed if there are correct lot tags displayed on the map).


Caitie's Mermaid Hunger and "Drying Up" Moodlet Tweaks: http://modthesims.info/d/507123/mer...ve-flavors.html

Many of the community lots are combo lots with a specific lot type (e.g. Library) and a rabbithole rug. The RH rugs overwrite the lot type map tags in these cases. The lots work fine, the specific lot map tags just do not show in map view. If that bothers you this will help: map tag fixes by Don Babilon http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=614360.

Things to note about Mermaidia
  • Mermaidia is a roadless world. It may take some time until the sims have reached their destination.
  • The world comes with custom lighting/weather. So if you have a global lighting mod you might want to take it out to see how the world is meant to look.
  • EA tends to spawn collectibles for all EPs you have installed. So you might find e.g. small pets in inconvenient places. If you want to prevent small pets from spawning you could try this mod: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=518178
  • Many of the characteristic features of the buildings were achieved with the cfe cheat and editing of the lots is not advisable.
  • Skip level markers have been used and you will have to enter the: "RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings off" cheat to edit the buildings.
  • Mermaidia uses custom textures and weather so it is highly recommended to quit the game and reload if you want to switch worlds. Weather or textures may bleed into the next world. It will be ok after saving and reloading. This is not an issue with Mermaidia but EA default.
  • Snow doesn't look right on the Mermaidian land due to it's sculpting (the land level being extremely close to the sea level). It is recommended to switch off all seasons except summer.
  • The diving lots can trigger unexpected errors (e.g. swimming on land) This is not an issue with Mermaidia but EA default. You will most likely have to reset your sim if you experience such issues.
  • Most parts of the islands are routable but the sea can be entered only from specific spots to limit water taxi usage and to avoid lags.
  • Mermaidia contains tombs some of which can lead your sim to premature death. It is recommended to create a separate save file before entering them.
  • There are many rubble piles used as decoration in Mermaidia so if your sim is saying they can't remove them you should skip them.


First of all, I would like to thank the amazing tomb makers who have made Mermaidia a much more fun place to play: Kylaaab, Chokolady and Celtysims

Ladyatir for creating amazing additions for the world - her subway replacement and the water taxi replacement (already included in the world file)

Nemexia of the nightfall, Willowsblood and Windermere for creating beautiful sims for the artwork in Mermaidian's gallery.

Simsmidgen , for dedicating countless hours to testing every version of the world and patiently replaying all dive lots and tombs again and again.

attuned, Bbcopperdaisy, and Frou , who tested the world, provided helpful advice and support!

I would also like to thank the creators of the following mods:
Decorator's Best Friend by misukisu: http://virtualartisan.blogspot.com/...est-friend.html
NRaas Debug Enabler: https://www.nraas.net/community/DebugEnabler
Velocitygrass' stencil remover: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=478307

Also a big thank you to the many more who offered their help!

But the greatest thanks belongs to my dear friend Norn, who did not only come up with the whole idea of making a Mermaid themed world (proof ) but created beautiful crystal trees for it and helped me through the whole creative process, taking care of the routing, discussing every detail with me for hours and motivating me to finish the project even when I felt like it is impossible. So if you want to thank someone for this world, it should probably be her.