Patio Kitchen

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2014 at 12:03 PM
Updated: 23rd Apr 2015 at 3:30 PM

Welcome to my first ever kitchen set-Patio Kitchen and Dining which I have a feeling people will like and enjoy it.

So sometime last year, I thought I could make just a counter since I have never done one , but then I had to stop due to my broken arm. Did I say broken arm------Yah I did. Broke it while playing Basketball. But then again after recovering from it, the thought of the counter came right back into head and so I made up my Mind on going for it this time around.

So yes, this outcome started from me trying to learn counter meshing and to see if I could succeed. After many attempts and failures I finally got to get a working counter by Using the Patio Counter from TS3 as my base. After getting the counter to work, I thought to myself why not add some appliances and I went about doing that also. Having finished this more thoughts came into my head and this single thought resulted to me making the Patio Kitchen.

The set contains both counter with doors and drawers as well as two Island counters which are slaved to the main counter. To complement the counters I thought of adding some cabinets and thus a total of 13 cabinets were created which can be used in any combination. One of the cabinets is meant to act as a fake oven. All the cabinets are slaved to the AP_PATIOCABINET 01 .

Also there are two counters referred to as deco counters, the two of them were made to go with the long cabinets since sims were always happy placing food on the counter when the big cabinet is over a main counter and as a resulting effect, it normally hides the food resulting to food spoilage and flies. To prevent this, the two deco counter can be used and as such sims cannot place food there anymore ( I recommend to always use the deco counters with the long cabinets).

Of course every kitchen needs appliances, and so I made 3 fridges, 2 stoves, a dish washer and trash compactor. The main fridge is a standalone object with its own recolor while the rest of the appliances are slaved to the counter mesh.

Having a kitchen requires a dining for eating and so I added two dining tables and a dining chair to go with them. Oh yes counter islands require a bar stool leading to me adding a bar chair to go with the Island counters.

Set Recolors
The main counter mesh has 13 recolors widening the options for different combinations. The cabinet has 11 recolors that can go with the counters. Most of the other objects that make up the set are slaved to either the counter or the cabinets and sometimes to both. Some objects are standalone meaning they have their own recolors and are not slaved to any object.
Well, below is all the information you need to know about the set. It is my that you find it interesting to use in your game.

Counter information
NamePositionPriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetSubset nameSlaved to
AP_PatioKitchen_Counter MeshMaster400Buy mode – surfaces-counter5882countertop/counterfinishNone
AP_PatioKitchen_Counter Drawer MeshMaster400Buy mode – surfaces-counter1752countertop/counterfinishNone
AP_PatioKitchen_Counter Corner MeshMaster400Buy mode – surfaces-counter6362countertop/counterfinishNone
AP_Patio_CounterIslandSlave270Buy mode – surfaces-counter5882countertop/counterfinishAP_PatioKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio_CounterIsland_2Slave270Buy mode – surfaces-counter7222countertop/counterfinishAP_PatioKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio_Counter Deo 1Slave200Buy mode – surfaces-counter5222countertop/counterfinishAP_PatioKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio_Counter Deo 2Slave200Buy mode – surfaces-counter5222countertop/counterfinishAP_PatioKitchen_Counter Mesh

Dining Information

NamePositionPriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetSubset nameSlaved to
AP_Patio_Dining 2x1 TableMaster275Buy mode – surfaces-table11401tablediningNone
AP_Patio_Dining_2x1 Table2Slave250Buy mode – surfaces-table3921CounterfinishPatioKitchen_Counter Mesh/ PatioKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_Patio_Dining Table 1x1Slave150Buy mode – surfaces-table3921CounterfinishPatioKitchen_Counter Mesh/ PatioKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_DiningchairMaster100Buy mode-dining-seating5502wood/clothNone
AP_Patio_ BarstoolSlave200Buy Mode-Kitchen-Miscellaneous5502wood/clothAP_PatioKitchen_Diningchair

Cabinet Information
NamePositionPriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetSubset nameSlaved to
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet 01 MeshMaster200Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs2541woodNone
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet 02Slave200Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs4981woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet 03Slave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs2241woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Microwave_Cabinet 01Slave200Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs2021woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Microwave_Cabinet 02Slave200Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs4981woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_CabinetOvenMaster /Slave800Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs4502wood/ surfacesKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet LongSlave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs1961woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet Long 2Slave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs7901woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet Long 3Slave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs3521woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet _FridgetopSlave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs2021woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_Cabinet _Fridgetop_2Slave300Buy mode – surfaces-shelfs3521woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP PatioKitchen Cabinet lightingSlave250Kitchen – Lights-Walllights9301woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh
AP PatioKitchen Cabinet lighting2Slave250Kitchen – Lights-Walllights6341woodKitchen_Cabinet 01 Mesh

The Cabinet 03, has 6 decorative slots to hold some of those your sims small clutters.

Appliances Information
NamePositionPriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetSubset nameSlaved to
AP_Patio Kitche_FridgeMaster2000Kitchen-Appliances-Refrigerator10232Fridge front/InteriorNone
AP_Patio Kitchen_Fridge_SlaveSlave1500Kitchen-Appliances-Refrigerator14331counterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio Kitchen_Fridge_Slave2Slave1500Kitchen-Appliances-Refrigerator23901counterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio Kitchen StoveSlave1000Kitchen-Appliances-cooking7262Countertop/CounterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_Patio Kitchen Stove V2Slave1000Kitchen-Appliances-cooking6822Countertop/CounterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_DishWasherSlave550Kitchen-Appliances- Large Appliances10901CounterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_TrashcompactorSlave375Kitchen-Appliances- Large Appliances8151CounterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_MicrowaveSlave400Kitchen-Appliances- Small Appliances11081CounterfinishKitchen_Counter Mesh
AP_PatioKitchen_HoodAlarmMaster80Kitchen-Electronics- Small Electronics2021firealarm_frontNone

Do note that the hood alarm was made to fit into the cabinet mesh master and cabinet 02, and so requires the cheat “moveobjects” to fit into it.

Plumbing Information
NamePositionPriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetSubset nameSlaved to
AP Patio KitchenSinkMaster560Bathroom/kitchen – Plumbing-sink6061SinkNone
AP Patio KitchenSink 2Master650Bathroom/kitchen – Plumbing-sink9721SinkNone
AP_Patio_CountersinkSlave500Bathroom/kitchen – Plumbing-sink14622countertop/counterfinishAP_PatioKitchen_Counter Mesh

Deco Objects Information
AP Patio CookMagMaster150Decorative-Miscellaneous176BookbodyNone
AP Patio Cook BookMaster150Decorative-Miscellaneous600BookbodyNone
AP Patio Kitchen Pot PlateMaster20Kitchen- Decorative-Miscellaneous1056None

I have worked on the counter files to fix the issue of the white line appearing under the counters. In the AP_PatioKitchen_Counter_Fixed file are included all the counters. That is the counter mesh, the two island counters and the two deco counters. Please delete those objects from your downloads folders and replace them with these ones.

Also please note that the two counters with the word deco in their name. Just like it says they are just decorative counters and nothing more. They are decorative counters and Sims cannot use them for food preparation and you cannot place a sink on them. That is the function of the counter mesh. The reason for the two deco counters as I stated earlier is for them to be used with with the long cabinets. Normally when Sims cook, they are usually placed on a counter that is nearest to them. So if you use the main counters with the long cabinets, Sims will place food on them and the long cabinets will hide the food from view and when you have spoilt food you will not get to know. So to use the long cabinet and not worry about that happening, use the deco counter under the long cabinets and Sims will not place food on them to prevent the food hiding.

Additional Credits:
SimPe, Milkshape, Lithunwrap, UVMapper, EA,Photoshop, Gimp,Numenor-whose template was used