Modern Fence in White

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Uploaded 12th Jan 2015 at 6:38 PM · Updated 18th Mar 2015 at 8:17 AM by AdonisPluto

UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE MAIN MODERN FENCE IN WHITE- Had thought it was included with the Modern fence in white_2 zip file.

I was just experimenting with this idea that i can build a house and have maybe two floors high and have a part of it with glass rather than a wall. So with this idea in mind i was just curious to how it will come out The out come of this curiosity was the modern fence in white. Having done it and was okay with it. So I decided to add three other variations. So, this is a combination of four fences. They look like windows and yes they can compliment windows in any modern house to make it lovely but are actually fences.

Modern Fence in White cost 120

Modern Fence in White-2 cost 120

Modern Porch Fence in White cost 130

Modern Fence in White-Short cost 100

To use it on top of each other mainly the Modern Fence in White and Modern Fence in White 2, firstly use the fence to make an enclosure with the wall, and add tiles. then use the fence again on top of the one below and after that delete the tiles.

The Modern Porch Fence in White and Modern Fence in White-Short are additions that can be used for building.

Each of the fences comes in three glass form, Light,clear and dark

Hope this adds flavor to your Sims houses

Polygon Counts:
Modern Fence in White-272
Modern Fence in White-108
Modern Porch Fence in White-168
Modern Fence in White-Short-108

Additional Credits:
SimPe, Milkshape,, Ea for base mesh, Lithunwrap