SesameStreet Student Dorm

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It all started when Karen Lorraine hosted the now-famous Campus Constructor's Contest. The application round started off with each of us building a dorm to move in some students onto our campus. I toyed with the idea of making a SesameStreet recolor of the pillow on the IKEA Klippan sofa, but scratched that idea since bonus points were to be obtained for building without CC. Obviously, I needed all the points I could get so the pillows disappeared to my WIP-folder. I came across them a couple of weeks later and thought it might be nice to combine them with my attempted to LACK-ify everything. I made a nice palette, with the LACK colors and some bonus colors that matched the SesameStreet puppets. Did the occasional recolor of an object, until Kiri started posting to-do-list over at Leefish and it was time to finish my set. Lee and Karen were kind to provide me with feedback, expanding my list from 10 to a whopping 20 object recolors. And it is finally done!

What is this set then?
Basically, I wanted to create a complete color-coordinated dorm bedroom. I made a list of 20 objects that students are most likely to bring with them when moving into their dorm, the only way they can customize their living space. Walls and floors are most of the time not to be tampered with, which is the reason I haven't included them in this set. There seems to be a lot of nostalgia for childhood running around the student community, which is why I went with SesameStreet. But of course, these objects are perfectly suitable for a kid's bedroom too!

The Big List of Everything you need to know
*Update* - Files have now been compressorized. Lee pointed out that they were a little bit on the large side, I'm sorry for everyone who downloaded already, please redownload and let these files overwrite

20 objects, most of them basegame, some require IKEA or UNI. I have attached four different .zips: everything, BG, IKEA, UNI, so you can pick and choose depending on your game configuration. Each object has its own folder within the zip, with a swatch included, so you can weed out the ones you don't want.

#Object NameEP/SPCatalogPrice
1Klippan SofaIKEASeating > Loveseats and Sofas§ 365
2Reflective Glass MirrorBGDecorative > Mirrors§ 100
3Jules Visitors ChairIKEASeating > Dining Chairs§ 55
4LACK SidetableIKEASurfaces > Endtables§ 20
5Ultra Funky Curtain ClothesBGDecorative > Curtains§170
6Odda WardrobeIKEAMisc. > Dressers§ 440
7Marek LampIKEALighting > Floorlamp§ 29
8Retratech DeskBGSurfaces > Desks§ 80
9Teaparty in TeakBGSeating > Dining Chairs§ 100
10Lampan LampIKEALighting > Table Lamp§ 7
11Alarm Clock PSIKEAElectronics > Small Electronics§ 73
12It's Reggae PosterBGDecorative > Wall Hangings§ 45
13BeddingBGSeating > Bedsn.a.
14Ringum RugIKEADecorative > Rugs§ 15
15Billy BookcaseIKEAHobbies > Knowledge§ 190
16Bladet PlantIKEADecorative > Plants§ 23
17Tushugger Cushy ChairUNISeating > Living Chairs§ 380
18"MMM" MinifridgeUNIAppliances > Fridges§ 350
19"Peace of Garbage" CanBGMisc. > Misc.§ 30
20Poang ChairIKEASeating > Living Chairs§ 130

Additional Credits:
Karen, Kiri, Lee for their feedback and everyone else at for their encouragement and listening to me whine about it. And of course Karen for her curtain template, thank you!