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Family Fun Stuff - Walldeco Add-On

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2014 at 9:49 PM
Updated: 19th Nov 2014 at 10:44 AM

It's my one-year creator anniversary and 50th upload - what a coincidence!

The Important Stuff
I've made you a painting and a mirror, made from edited Maxis meshes. They are custom items with each a unique GUID. The painting has two subsets, the frame is texture-linked to the Family Fun Stuff Castle Bed and the picture is separate from that. Three recolors of the picture are included in the .zip, you can distinguish them from the labelled screenshots. The mirror has one subset and is texture-linked to the Family Fun Stuff Castle Toybox. Since Maxis conveniently made this a nice matchy set, the painting and mirror blend in quite well

Castle MirrorDecorative > Mirrors§ 952842
Tower ReleasedDecorative > Wall Hangings§ 855281

If you have M&G, they are quartertile-enabled.
Bonus: Three recolors of the Tower Released picture.

Additional Credits:
Everyone who has ever taken the time to teach me something, by writing a tutorial or guiding me in chat.
MTS for being a wonderful place to learn stuff and gather people and knowledge together.
The makers of Milkshape, Blender, various plugins, SimPE for selflessly providing the community with awesome tools.
All the new friends I've made over the past year, it has been and will be awesome! Thank you!