Granny's China Cabinet

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Eve Simmerson recently inherited her granny's house. It's a very old house (her mother and uncles grew up there) filled with lots of, antique furniture. Whenever granny got a new piece of furniture, the old one went up to the attic. While exploring the house's nooks and crannies, Eve remembered the china cabinet granny had gotten right around the time Eve started high school. Curious as to where it could be (it was fairly new after all), Eve climbed the narrow stairs to the attic to have a look:

Seeing that it was still in fairly good shape, Eve decided to have it hauled downstairs. While waiting for help, she packed up some of the china sitting around the attic so she could display it in the cabinet. And don't worry- she noticed the hole some oaf put in the cabinet with the oars! (See screenshots, she had it fixed before she'd let this screenshot be taken, lol.)

Cabinet moved and filled with china and some other things Eve found in the attic. Time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee!

The china cabinet has 28 slots - 5 on each shelf and the bottom; 3 on the top. It can be found in Surfaces>End Tables for 145 Simoleons and comes in 18 Maxis Match wood textures and 3 glass textures. It is base game compatible, but if you can use the quarter-tile cheat you can use it with this mesh.

If your sim decides to buy one, just be sure some oaf doesn't put a hole in it with some oars!

Much love and fond memories go out to my own Grandma. She had a china cabinet much like this one while I was growing up. I wasn't allowed to touch anything in it and I was sure it held all of the wonders and mysteries of the world because of that. I got most of the things in it when she passed away, but sadly didn't get the cabinet. This is my way of having my Grandma's china cabinet back in my life- even if it's just pixels.

Forgot to mention: This mesh is a tad over 1 tile wide, so you won't want to put it right in a corner- part of it will stick in the wall. You can use boolprop snapobjectstogrid false or the quarter tile cheat to place it if you want to put it in a corner.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, Maxis for the wood textures used.

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Room: Kitchen Living Dining
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