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Mind Your Own Beeswax ~ Beeswax Candles

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2016 at 1:42 PM
Updated: 10th Dec 2016 at 2:17 PM
In response to joandsarah wanting functional beeswax candles in a simple base/tray: 3 new candle meshes.

What You Get:
A single candle in a round tray and 5 recolors (thanks to Michelle for letting me use her textures!)
A duo of candles in an oval tray (SLAVED to the single candle)
A trio of candles in a rectangular tray and 5 recolors
A residential collection file (includes the 3-wick candle in a glass holder IF you have THAT CANDLE )

What You Need To Know:
The duo candles are slaved to the single candle so you NEED the single candle in your game for the duo to work!

All candles can be found in Lighting>Table Lamps for 10 and 15 Simoleons.

That's it! Remember: these are functional, which means they can be turned on and off! Hope your sims enjoy them!

Polygon Counts:
Single Candle - 230
Duo Candle - 338
Trio Candle - 364

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, Michelle for her textures, EA for the wood textures and candle that I edited