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Full Face Contouring Blush

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2014 at 10:48 PM
Hi y'all!

It's been a while, but I'm back with something new!

Remember this Nose Contouring Blush? I decided to take this contouring thing a step further!

.... Full Face Contouring!

Ready for high cheekbones, a slim nose and a well defined jaw? Ready for looking sexy, beautiful (and extremely fake)? This contouring blush will help you look like someone you're obviously not! :D

This blush covers your sims entire face, except for her eyebrows, forehead, ears, and mouth corners. You can still wear any make-up you want and use this blush, it won't cover most of it, just some edges here and there. I'm not sure how it works with sliders, but I tried to make it look as soft, gentle and dynamic as possible, so it will look great on all face shapes, including male. My last Nose Contouring Blush only worked for female, but this full face contouring blush works for both genders, YA-ELDER.

Oh dear, is this supposed to make my sim look better?
I wouldn't necessarily say better , but the contouring does give more defenition to your sims' cheekbones, nose and chin. I actually made this blush for a Kim Kardashian sim I'm currently working on - For those who know her - She's well known for her extreme face contouring. I figured it would be cool to have this in the game as well . I like to give some special effects to my sims' faces.

I would recommend playing around with colors and the opacity of the blush - 100% opacity will give a very heavy effect and it might be nice to keep it a bit natural here and there.

The first color channel is for the cheekbones and nose outlining, the second channel is the cheek, chin and nose highlighting, the third color channel is for the nose and eyebrow contouring.
The blush works well on different kinds of skintones, with different textures and colors, you just have to play around with the colors to make it match your sim!

Enjoy and happy simming!