Set Age Cheat - Set Sims and Neighbors to Any Age! [Updated for Toddlers]

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2014 at 2:17 AM
Updated: 2nd Feb 2017 at 6:37 AM
Accidentally let a sim age up and you weren't done with their younger years? Want a household full of just children? Play the "Home Alone" challenge? Maybe you want to set your neighbors age as well. Now you can do all of that!

(When making large age jumps the bodies may freak out for a moment. Remain calm, They'll fix themselves promptly.)

This mod adds in the following cheat: tm.setage
You can use this by opening the cheat console using ctrl+shift+c

Unlike the built-in "setage" cheat , tm.setage lets you specify Toddler, Child, Teen, Young_Adult, Adult, or Elder as well as lets you specify a neighbor to age.

NOTE: Unzip this file, and place the .ts4script file directly into your Mods folder. If you haven't enabled script mods before, you need to open your game and go to game options > Other > Script Mods and make sure it's checked. Restart your game. If an update has recently causes the mod to disappear from your main menu, you'll need to go back into game options and re-enable script mods.


This cheat can be used in multiple ways.

Set active sim as adult: tm.setage

Set active sim as child: tm.setage child

Set neighbor "Bob Pancakes" as Elder: tm.setage elder Bob Pancakes