Buyable Mailboxes - UPDATED

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2014 at 7:57 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2014 at 6:21 PM
Buyable Mailboxes

These are the Maxis mailboxes made available for purchase.

There are 3 styles: Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Ol' Rusty.
Each style has 3 color variants, for a total of 9 to choose from.

Not only will this make all the mailboxes buyable, but removable as well.

They are found under Buy Mode - By Function - Decorations - Miscellaneous.

The Willow Creek mailbox can be placed indoors, the others can't, for some reason.
An indoor mailbox will still be used by the mailman.

You can delete and place new mailboxes with full functionality.

If you have mail in your mailbox, and delete it before getting the mail, placing a new mailbox will not allow you to get mail you missed UNTIL your next mail delivery, then it will be back.

Lots with MULTIPLE mailboxes:
Really no difference, the mailman will simply choose a single mailbox to put your mail in.
You can get your mail via any of your mailboxes, except mailboxes placed after your mail is delivered, but before you claim it. Then only the ones that were already on your lot will have your mail inside.

Lots with NO mailboxes:
You will not receive any mail, including bills.
However, after placing a mailbox, any mail you should have received will be delivered the next day.
Going through any loading screen (exiting/reloading the lot, travelling, enter CAS, etc) will make a mailbox respawn with mail you should have received inside.

These DO override the mailboxes already in the game, otherwise you would not be able to remove your original mailbox.
However, I have not changed their functionality via any script or tuning mods, only by editing the Catalog Object (COBJ) files.
The only other mods that would conflict with this one are ones that also override the mailbox COBJ files.

Seems I made a small mistake when creating these. The string tables would conflict with my clothing items' string tables, making them not load properly. The issue has been fixed, please re-download.