Liberated Street Deco

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Uploaded: 6th Dec 2014 at 11:34 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2015 at 9:33 AM
This is a bunch of street decoration lifted from the game files and fixed up for Buy/Build.

These are the actual Maxis objects, not clones. They should work fine in conjunction with FH|RAs No-Fade Trees and street lamps mod -- if you dislike how street lights poof into and out of existence when zooming around, you may want to try that.

The "Liberated Street Deco" package contains:

Decorative > Misc
  • 2 x Storm Drain (gutter)
  • 2 x Bollard (single modern white / three iron cast ones that are one object)
  • News Box, Postal Box, "Depricated" (sic) mailbox, Hydrant
  • Ironcast Tree Guard and two empty planters (the planters are also in Decorative > Plants)
  • 4 x Telephone Pole, 1 x Telephone Wire (all in the same thumbnail)
  • 2 x red and 2 x blue street signs (they look identical but are technically different objects, so I gave them colour options and sorted them into the same thumbnail each – in case someone wants to recolor one of them or something)
  • Wooden street sign (the small diner-like one one the picture above)
  • Large Sculpture Sign (the desert sign base – plants are not part of it, see screenshots)
  • 5 x Billboard (all in the same thumbnail)

Outdoor Applicances
  • Public Trash Can

Outdoor Seating
  • 2 x Bench (sorted as additional colour options for the existing one since they look the same but for the colour)

  • Two fountains: the water in the modern one looks quite crappy on my card/settings – I left it in nevertheless, maybe it works better for others

Outdoor Lights
  • 1 x sidewalk light (the in-floor one)
  • 10 x street light – the modern one exists twice (but as with the signs, it really is two objects – notably also with different footprints – so I included both in the same thumb) and two of the other ones are almost identical too.

Known issues:

* The street light with the yellow flowers levitates slightly above ground – I can't fix this without editing the mesh, but I guess one can put some grass/rocks around the base to cover it up.
* The sidewalk light likes to disappear into the ground when it's placed (I guess because of minimally uneven terrain or something) so one needs to pay attention where to put it
* One of the telephone poles is very difficult to grab/move/delete – it's the one with the big grey box and light on it; I had most success grabbing it around the bottom of that box. Deleting is easy though if you plunk down some other random thing and then drag-sledgehammer both.

I also made a texture override for the hydrant (separate package in the same zip) while I was at it which is a little darker and has more contrast than the default. All of the other textures/meshes are untouched, I "only" added descriptions, tags, prices, catalogue flagging/referencing and also nuked the broken dropshadow on the postal box.

s4pe, Notepad++, Hasher (which is now called something else, I mean the Fogity thing).