Oven Hoods with built-in Smoke Alarm for all Expansions (UPD 9 Oct 2014)

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2014 at 9:48 AM
Updated: 20th Nov 2014 at 6:02 AM - fixed Value Alarm Hood
NOTE: TheLoveAntidote alerted me to the fact that the Base Game Value Hood crashed in a base game only game. With Lee's help this is now fixed. If you have more games than base game - you're ok. If you're base game only, there is a new version of the Value Hood to be downloaded. At the end of the download list. Same name so it will overwrite the original one.

ETA: My apologies to non-English speaking folks. I forgot to do the default language on most of the hood alarms. I've fixed that now - and added it to the end of the downloads. Thanks to Nix for picking it up.

I use CTNutmegger Upper Cabinets all the time in my kitchens. But I'm a bit sick of the Maxis Smoke Alarm, and I prefer hoods over my stove for realism. Lightbulb moment. So 2-3 weeks later - here are Smoke Alarm Oven hoods to match CTNutmegger's Upper Cabinets.

I've tried them out with Mutske's cabinets, and they don't really go together. Sorry about that.

If you want everything download -
1. The last attachment - All the hoods (this includes the collections as well)
2. The Upper Cabinet edits - 3 Fixed CTNutmegger Upper Cabinets.
3. The Recolours
(i.e. the first 2 and the last in the downloads view).

Features of these hood alarms.
1. They grab the textures of the matching EA counter to texture them - no added recolours needed for the upper cabinet. :D
2. If you have Googalor's Shiftable Fix - they will shift up and down if you have Apartment Life. (Make sure you put the fix into the game before you buy the hoods). Link below in related Downloads
3. They match CTNutmegger Upper Cabinets. Link below in Related Downloads.
4. They drop with the wall.
5. The alarm effects are dropped to where the exhaust fan is - it looks pretty cool
6. Flashing red light is flashing.
7. There are 8 - count them EIGHT!! recolours of the hood part, so you don't just have to have a silver hood.
8. While I was making them using CTNutmegger's Upper Cabinets (with permission) - I found a few things I wanted to fix on her cabinets, so I did. You'll find an extra download with the edits there. They will NOT overwrite your existing ones, if you want these ones you'll need to delete the old ones. They've been named so they'll sit right next to them.
9 There are two collections - one for the alarm hoods, one for the upper cabinets with a maxis like icon.

Things to Note about these Hood Alarms

1. 2 of the alarm hoods have both subsets recolouring the cabinet part. - Seasons Country and Pet Neo Quartz. This means that the hood won't recolour on those two.
2. All the alarm hoods are BASE GAME. HOWEVER - if you don't have the counter in your game, it will flash Blue. (It will still work though).
3. The Seasons Country Cabinet is recoloured between the plate rack and the Counter - so if you're wanting to use matching frame and door, make sure you have a recolour for the plate rack as well.
4. The Hoods are all linked the Base Game VALUE hood, so you must keep that one regardless of whether you use it or not.
5. You will find them in Electronics/Small Appliances next to the EA Smoke Alarm for the same price.

**** NOTE: If you don't download the whole set, you'll need to download the separate Value Hood MASTER, which is the second last download. ****

Fixes on CTNutmegger's Upper Cabinets

The New position of the Alarm Effect when there is a fire.


Polygon Counts:
BASE GAME Alarm Hoods
Value - F508 / V726 (MASTER)
Art Nouveau - F1298 / V1554
Chez Moi - F865 / V998
Club - F830 / V1033
Counter Culture - F1090 / V1187
Designer - F996 / V1355
Loft - F456 / V691

UNI Alarm Hoods
Steelate - F771 /V830
Groovy - F731 / V1045

NIGHT LIFE Alarm Hoods
Forbidden Fruit - F346 / V529
Castanoga - F774 / V1159
Fat City - F508 / V763

SEASONS Alarm Hoods
Country - F886 / V1064
Tiki - F1298 / V1324

OFB Alarm Hood
Mission - F1255 / V1650

PETS Alarm Hood
NeoQuartz - F608 / V553

KITCHEN and BATH Alarm Hoods
Romantic - F806 / V1363
Stylish - F400 / V449

CLUB - F718 / V896 BEFORE F718/ V896 AFTER (mapping change only)
FAT CITY - F396 / V626 BEFORE F396 / V626 AFTER (mesh change)
ROMANTIC - F714 / 1209 BEFORE F694 / V1226 AFTER (re-mesh)

Additional Credits:
Many Many Credits:

CTNutmegger for the Upper Cabinets of which I used the meshes and copied a lot from them. Kat, you're awesome!

WDSBrianna - who made the original decorative hood alarm back in 2005, that gave me the light bulb moment. I know you've disappeared from the sims community. But thanks for that. I've used bits of your mesh and textures.

Leefish, the person - who helped me sort these out when I was being too clever and confusing myself. Also pointing me to the Googalor Fix, because I don't venture into MATY voluntarily.

Klaartje and Nix - who tested these for me and proved that they work on someone else's PC.

Leefish, the community - that has supported and encouraged me and tolerated the many many pictures as I worked through the problems with them. And listening to the Arrghs.

Shastakiss - for her 5 metal textures that she so generously shares with anyone who asks.

Piggi (RIP) - who recoloured all of these counters, so I didn't have to.
(Her recolours are at Sims2Graveyard, on Box and at Blacky's Zoo)