Try for Baby in Larger Households

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2014 at 1:00 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2022 at 11:25 PM - compatibility for 1.89
Update 06/16/2022: Compatible with patch 1.89!
Update 12/12/2021: Compatible with patch 1.82!
Update 03/28/2021: Compatible with patches 1.69 to 1.72 and March 2021.
Update 11/10/2020: Compatible with patch 1.67 and 1.68 from October and November 2020.
Update 06/04/2020: Compatible with patch 1.63 from June 3rd. 2020.
Update 04/21/2020: This mod still works with patch 1.62 and all the patches before it between 1.37 and 1.62. It will probably continue to work for every patch.
Update 7/22/2019: Updated for patch 1.53 released in July 2019. This update works for patches 1.37-1.53. Please redownload if you have these patch levels! Also, I updated the file name, so please remove cslargerhousehold10, cslargerhousehold16, or cslargerhousehold25 packages from your mods folder. Remember to only download one! Extract the zip and put the package file in your mods folder.

Original Text:

This mod allows you to try for baby even if you have the maximum of 8 Sims in your household. For example, in the Hikaru family there are already 9 Sims as you can see in the picture, and clicking on his wife you can see they can still Try for Baby.

And then does she actually get pregnant? The answer is yes, she does! Even with 9 Sims in the household she still can get pregnant and have up to 25 babies if she so pleases.

Now there are three sets of mods, where you can have up to 10, 16 or 25 Sims per household. Only choose one or they will conflict!

Conflicts: None that I can think of. This edits the ITUN S4_03B33DDF_00000000_A73068C2B552CB25 and will conflict with any other mod that edits it. TwistedMexi's Full House mod does NOT conflict with mine. I suggest using the two together for best results.

I plan on updating it whenever a new patch comes out, so keep an eye on this thread!


-TwistedMexi from MTS has a Full House mod for free on Patreon. It allows you to add or remove sims from your household when you have a household over 8 sims.

-You are able to edit individual outfits in an over 8 household with Get Together Expansion Pack closets or use the Full House mod to temporarily remove sims back to 8 then re-add them. Just remember where you housed them!

Additional Credits:
Morphar for helping me