Phantasy Star 1988 - Myau, the Musk Cat

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2014 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2022 at 12:43 AM
Myau is now also available without the wings! (Look at the last picture if necessary - same cat, no wings)


How are you today?
Are you also a gamer? Do you play other videogames? Have you ever played the old-school 2D videogames? Maybe you still play some of them?

Today I got a character from a game that's been important in videogame history. Maybe the Sims wouldn't exist without this game, as RPGs have been an important step out of the traditional arcade/platform videogames.

I am talking about the Sega Master System rpg PHANTASY STAR, released the 20th of December 1987 in Japan, and in 1988 in the United States. I was eight years old!
I played it on my Sega Master. And it took me MANY YEARS to finish the game. I was *stuck*, and there was no GameFAQs back then.

Phantasy Star was one of the first illustrated/animated RPGs in videogame history. I had read somewhere that it got released before Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, but exxor9108 brought me the information that in Japan, Final Fantasy got released two days before.

IT'S MYAU !!! Or rather Super-Myau, Winged-Beast, post-transformation, after he ate the Nut of Laerma!

I used to have a website about Phantasy Star 1988 on Geocities, forever ago, and I still have all the nuts and bolts from it, so I joined a couple gif animations to the post in a separate zip (similar to the ones displayed in the pictures). There's a few of them, they're kind of useless but fun to watch, the little Myau running is particularly cute. And they can be used as smileys in your conversations.

The other guys in GIF pictures are the Sorcerer and Magician, monsters from the game. If you played the game, you probably remember especially the green bastard. :P

Have a good day! Have fun with the pet!

Everything on the pet is Maxis except of course the Wings, made by Klinny on MTS. If the wings are not in the box with Myau (they should be), you can get the wings here.

Additional Credits:
All images that are not from the Sims 2 come from Phantasy Star 1988, which is a property of Sega. All the graphics from that game are a property of Sega's artists.