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Lilly Hair -NEW MESH-

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2014 at 3:40 AM
I love realism in sims, but for some reason, I love the way hair looks in TS4, so with all those S3-like hairs out there I bring to you another lovely maxis-match hair (the style, not the colors ).

It's a new mesh and it comes in 18 colors.

It's for female sims from teen to elder it's not a replacement. It comes with a custom thumbnail to find it more easily.

A thin line might show up on the front with lighter colors, I tried to fix it and this is the best I could do, so I hope you like it anyway.


Eyes: Natural Eyes -default+non-default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Face Overlay: Face Details -face overlay- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Eyeliner: Full Metal Eyeliner -5 colors- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Eyelashes: Moonlight Sonata -5 mascaras- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Lipstick: Penny Lane Lipstick -10 colors- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Eyebrows: Sophisticated Eyebrows -non default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me


Sims 4 Studio

Enjoy and happy simming!

Polygon Counts:
1766 polys