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Testers Wanted: *As requested* Antique Banker's Lamp

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2005 at 10:53 AM
Updated: 18th Oct 2008 at 9:27 PM by -Maylin-
Hey peoples. This was requested in my request thread by enna, the one post bandit. I have no clue if they will pick this up, but i hope someone will want it otherwise. I would like to thank Jwoods for helping me out with this. We couldn't get the shades to change textures when it turned off so instead i decided to give it a "glassy" look. I would also like to thank Numenor. Without his extensive info on the MATD thread, i wouldn't have known how to do this....



also available are some shade recolors. Just so you know, the base color is gold, so don't be looking through your catalogue for one with a green shade... :Pimp:

-Modeled in 3DS Max
-Converted w/ Milkshape
-Imported with mts2 mesh tool (thanks everybody)
-Unique GUID/description
-EP compliant
-2676 polys
-Under Lighting

***Known Issues***

When you switch from the base shade to a new color and then back to the base shade, the shade will change to it's off state. Kind of wierd considering the lamp shades don't ever switch otherwise. I personally like the color of the unlit gold shade more then the lit and doesn't happen to any of the recolors.

recolor away just credit me and link me via pm to your thread. ONLY FOR MTS2.

thank you for testing.. happy days.