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Non-Lethal Vending Machines

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2014 at 7:19 PM
XML Tuning Mod: This mod removes the chances of a vending machine falling onto your Sim and killing it. So feel free to use these vending machines anywhere you wish without the concern of your Sim or any other being killed by these heartless machines. With this mod I have added (in my games) vending machines to many places throughout towns and it's helped improve the game by supplying a form of sustenance to any location where you've been annoyed by Sims showing up and shouting that they're hungry over and over.

This mod uses: VendingMachine+ShakeMachine_0x1e78653ffa112193 and VendingMachine+SlamMachine_0x1411c19b1ba9c380 which should not conflict with any repair/upgrade mods or any other mod that doesn't use these two items.

Simply install this mod into the same folder you have your other mods in.

Additional Credits:
Major thanks to the Sim who gave his life for the creation of this picture. Only 1 Sim was killed in the making of this mod.