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Better Bartending!

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2014 at 6:18 PM
XML Tuning Mod:
This mod increases the speed in which the player and NPCs make drinks, increases the CHANCES of getting higher quality drinks (Still is dependent on skill level of bartender), and generally improves your experience in any bar... this mod was made primarily because I kept thinking that some of these foul quality drinks you see getting passed out would result in a lawsuit in real life... that and whenever I made a bartending Sim (Usually named Moe) that they would get swarmed by NPCs... so the faster speed of making drinks should overall help breakdown those clustered times... it's not instant (Instant had issues with the animations)... just cut the time in half. This also as mentioned is not a safeguard against getting bad drinks... just a higher chance of getting better quality. In most cases if you use this mod alongside the faster skills mod... you'll get Outstanding and Perfect drinks once the bartender is high enough in skill. So... not really but kind of a cheat mod... but more of a helpful time saver. If yall want specific tweaks to this mod made just leave me a comment or shoot me a message with the changes you'd like.

This Mod Uses: Bartending_0x548c92b27a7193d4 and should not conflict with any mods that do not use the same item.