No-Fade Columns

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2014 at 12:12 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2015 at 2:35 PM
This makes it so that the Maxis base game columns will not fade out in Live mode. Because when integral parts of a building suddenly vanish it looks stupid most of the time, and columns tend to be not very wide anyway .. one can easily see what's going on around them even when they don't fade. Also gets rid of the additional silly-lookingness of the columns fading out but their shadows still being displayed (on my graphics settings).

Please note that this mod is for the full columns – not the half / quarter / three-quarter ones (that you get when you intersect a column with a wall; those are different objects)! If you want to make a similar mod for the latter, please post in the Create forum, not in the comments.

Note that even though it is possible to place a column on top of a sim in Build mode, the actual in-game routing works fine -- sims will not walk through columns or anything (I tested specifically for that since I thought maybe that was the reason they made them fade in the first place).

This is done by setting the "FadeType" and "CustomFadeDistance" in the MODL to 0. Funnily it seems to be sufficient to do this for one MODL each (the first one listed); let me know if any columns still fade for you (I don't have the greatest graphics card under the sun so can't test whether one would maybe have to override all of them to make this work for fancier settings).


2014-12-16: Probably doesn't need updating since all that's changed is a version number and two flags that have been changed in every object I've seen so far, so I guess that is also something like a version number. But let me know if anything suddenly behaves funny.

s4pe 0.2c/d with wrappers by Inge and Snaitf.