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No-Fade Trees and Streetlamps

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2015 at 7:23 AM
Updated: 27th Mar 2015 at 2:11 AM by FakeHouses|RealAwesome

This mod includes overrides of a number of MODL resources of buyable trees, as well as the landscaping and streetlamps in non-editable public spaces, in order to stop them fading in Live Mode.

In addition to the trees, I’ve also included no-fade edits for a number of large shrubs that I felt faded at too far a distance. There are other shrubs, however—either buyable in the catalog or the ones in public spaces—that still fade, but at a distance I thought was reasonably close and not worth editing.

Important Stuff

Several of the trees and shrubs in public spaces are among those included in plasticbox’s Liberated Plants sets. Those items will also stop fading when placed on lots, if you have them.

There are two files in the download folder: FHRA_NoFade_Trees includes the buyable trees in the catalog. FHRA_NoFade_DecoTreesLights includes the landscaping and streetlamps in non-editable public spaces. I’ve separated them for people who may feel like one or the other would interfere with regular gameplay.

In the interest of avoiding redundancies, I made and tested this while using Shimrod’s no fade mod. While that mod stops the fading of harvestables and buyable shrubs (among other things), it does not affect the larger trees or the landscaping in public spaces—so that’s what I’ve focused on here. If you use this mod and find something that still fades when it shouldn’t, first make sure you have Shimrod’s mod installed too. Otherwise, please let me know!

Updated Info for Version 1.5.139

This patch stops object fading in the Tab Camera mode. However, they still fade at the same distance in Live Mode. So that means you can take out this mod if you'd prefer your trees to only stop fading with the Tab Camera.

The zip includes a text file listing all the resources included in both packages. Or click here:

Additional Credits:
BIG THANK YOU to jettschae, who, besides suggesting this in the first place, helped me playtest three versions of this mod, finding lots of trees that I missed!

s3pe, which I used to make this