Angry Paintings Replaced (Playful added)

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2014 at 6:52 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2014 at 7:57 PM - New mod file
This mod replaces the 11 angry paintings made at the easel when a sim is in the angry emotion. The images used here are from the Sims 3, Sims Medieval, and one Sims4 concept art picture.

These new images replace pre-existing paintings, so one of the angry paintings hanging on your sims' wall will be replaced with the new image when installing this mod.

The three low skill angry paintings are locked when a sim moves past level 7 in Painting Skill, and the sim can never paint them again. This mod removes the lock so a sim can continue to paint these early paintings.

The paintings are made with a white border so there is room for the picture frame without covering up the borders of the image, as shown below.

Unzip the file and use the .package file in the mods folder or subfolder.

Mod uses these XML files:
And replaces these DDS Image files:
00B2D882- 123a51b05a68f22a
00B2D882- 3e11da847c0264fd
00B2D882- c1cbf8623368d9b7
00B2D882- 07e4ece01f26d791
00B2D882- 05712165f32c3900
00B2D882- f4dc23696522c45b
00B2D882- 281b956627d1e429
00B2D882- 570df009841ec681
00B2D882- c4add5c500e812c9
00B2D882- 1ce52428f3b76ac0
00B2D882- 318f78cb2de6bd6d

Another file replaces 9 of the Playful paintings with paintings from the Sims3 and Sims Medieval. Also the three low skill paintings have the lock removed so sims can continue painting them regardless of skill level. The two default paintings shown separately are not replaced.

Playful mod uses these files:
and replaces these DDS images:
00B2D882- 1abd80b2fe487bbc
00B2D882- 5517032f4c1191ff
00B2D882- 5a3b55d3a3dacdb0
00B2D882- 6579a504e772703b
00B2D882- 868f7f6209e60f5f
00B2D882- ab7758d1c074ba8d
00B2D882- b5c710e21b39e569
00B2D882- c14492571dff3678
00B2D882- ca4c246e7f8faf99

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group, the Sims4 XML Extractor by velocitygrass, and S3PE by Peter L. Jones.