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AP Patio Build Set

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2014 at 9:29 PM
Updated: 28th Dec 2014 at 9:43 PM
In continuation of my Patio collection, I bring to you the build set part. The set can fit into any modern home design


Object NamePricePolygon counts
AP Patio 1Tile Window-Master200136
AP Patio 1Tile Window-Master-Diag200136
AP Patio 1Tile Window V1120318
AP Patio 1Tile Window V1 Diag120318
AP Patio 1Tile Window V2100272
AP Patio 1Tile Window V2 Diag100272
AP Patio 1Tile Window V3120132
AP Patio 1Tile Window V3 Diag120132
AP Patio 1Tile Window V4120272
AP Patio 1Tile Window V4 Diag120272
AP Patio 1Tile Window V550132
AP Patio 1Tile Window V5 Diag50132
AP Patio SingleTile Arch300108
AP Patio SingleTile Arch Diag300108
AP Patio 2Tile Arch500108
AP Patio 2Tile Arch Diag500108
AP Patio Double Door900888
AP Patio Double Door Diag900888
AP Patio 2x1 DoorSliding900436
AP Patio 2x1 DoorSliding Diag900436


The AP Patio 1Tile Window-Master is the lord and chief of this set. So you must have it in your downloads folder since all others are slaved to it. Combined with the default color, the set comes with additional six recolors. It has two recolor channels-frame and glass


The windows and doors are located in the build mode under doors and windows and the archs under arch

[b]Additional Credits:

SimPe, Milkshape, photoshope, Lithunwrap and Paint.net