Circulation Modular Living

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Uploaded: 16th Feb 2018 at 6:34 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2018 at 7:11 PM
This set is a conversion of the Circulation Modular living sofa from the Sims 3.

Set information [/CENTER]

Curculation Center Seating9948400
Curculation Center Seating Right6668400
Curculation Center Seating Left6668400
Curculation Center Seating Convex Corner5228400
Curculation Center Seating Concave Corner4528400
Curculation Center Seating Connector3468400

The Convex Corner and Concave Corner were made to exhibit the function of the living chair, and as such Sims can comfortably seat on them and interact without any problem. And when placing these two close to each other, you require the moveobject cheat to do it.

All are found under comfort for Chair living

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Polygon Counts:
See information above

Additional Credits:
Ea for the Sims 3,TSRW,Sims4Studio, and Photoshop for texturing, Lithunwrap and Blender