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Heart-shaped window, door and arch

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2006 at 1:50 PM
Here are my first Sims2 objects :o

The set includes window, 2-tile-wide door and 2-tile-wide arch.
All can be placed on both straight and diagonal walls.
No EPs needed.

All meshes made by me.
Window has 1536 faces / 2304 vertices, door - 1608 faces / 1945 vertices, frame - 236 faces / 268 vertices.
Window colors: white, red, black, oak, walnut, chrome.
Door colors: frame - white, red, black, oak, walnut; handle - white, red, golden, black.
Arch borrows its colors from the door, so it wouldn't work without it.

Feel free to recolor them, please share nice recolors with me - I'm poor texturer - but please keep link to this post and don't upload to pay sites.

If you'll find any problems, please inform me.

I'd like to thank IgnorantBliss and Numenor for the tutorials used to make these items :o, and everyone else who gave us these wonderful tools and info which lets us customize the game.