11 Playable Playmat type Carpets

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2015 at 9:13 PM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2015 at 12:36 PM
Honestly, I am so excited to release these. I have been planning to make them for the longest time and they are finally done.

You know when you go to one of those carpet warehouse places, and they have that car mat that you can buy at ikea and toy shops, except as a WHOLE CARPET. For your ENTIRE floor? As a kid, I always coveted this carpet so badly. It seemed like such an awesome idea - one of those mats, except seamlessly tiled forever. Woah.

So, of course, I had to make some for my sims. There are eleven designs (so far - I have several more patterns which might get made, if they get past my testing process.) You can put them in small rooms, large rooms, as a rug, as a carpet, basically anything at all you can think of. Obviously, the sims themselves won't realise that this carpet is anything different to normal, but as you can see in the screenshot, if you place your toyboxes or downloaded toys carefully, it will look as though they are pushing the toy car along the road, the horse across the field, the boat on the water. etc.

The different mats are different sizes, but I've tried to keep them roughly consistent with the in-game toys. Here's how the car and horse scale up to the "Town and Country" playmat.

Some of them appear as rotated or upside down in the catalog. This is on purpose. You see, carpets like this need a larger repeat or they look odd. So most of them are on a 5x5 repeat. That means absolutely no rotating. If you try to rotate the floor tiles, you'll mess up the design (but don't worry, just rotate them back again and it will stick back together!). Some of the designs are "top down" and so work OK from any angle, and some of them have a definite direction, so I've tried to create a variety of directions in order that it's possible to find a playmat to fit any space. (Or as many as possible, anyway.) Here's an example of ten different playmats you can create just with the Town and Country playmat.

And lastly, if you are like the child-me and get excited by such prospects, of course you can use any of these playmats to cover a full floor.

Each playmat/carpet is found in the Build>Flooring>Carpets section and costs $20 per square. It's a lot, but since they are designed as rugs, it made sense to me for them to be more expensive.

Note: Yep, some of them have English (not simlish) text on them. I'm not going to make Simlish versions, though I do like playing a Simlish game. If you really want to avoid non-simlish writing, the ones to delete are named "towncountry", "retroroadtrip" and "australia".

Additional Credits:
Textures from spoonflower.com
Screenshots and textures created in GIMP
Floors made using Homecrafter