Sims 2 University jobs enabled for teens

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Uploaded: 27th May 2019 at 8:53 AM
Updated: 28th May 2019 at 6:48 AM
Whoever said being an artist, psychic phone friend, unnatural crossbreeder, or big screen star required being over 18? Now your teens can start off in these careers too.

I have created teen versions for the four Maxis Uni careers. I think you need University to use these, but it is possible they will work without it.

How does it work?

They work just like normal teen careers. They have three levels and teens and elders can find them in the newspaper or computer.

What happens when my teen ages up to adult?

If your teen skips university and ages up to adult while holding one of these jobs, she or he will transition into the adult version of the career, no degree required.

Huh? So the uni careers no longer need a degree?

Not quite. Once a sim becomes an adult, she or he will still need a university degree to find these four careers in the computer or newspaper, just like usual. So if your sim gets into one of these jobs without a degree, beware - getting fired will mean she or he no longer has access to that career track.

What happens if my teen goes to university?

She or he will lose her teen job as normal and not retain access to that career track - unless they graduate and get access that way, of course.

Is this compatible with (insert mod here)?

These are just normal custom careers, so yes they are compatible with career mods, e.g. Mog's Job Noticeboard. Notably, they also work really nicely with Syberspunk's UniCareersHack from MATY, and Phaenoh's hack here at MTS, which does the same thing (changing which jobs require degrees). I actually created them for my game years ago when I started playing with this mod. Highly recommended (but not required).

Anything else to know?

Not all of the first three levels of each career worked well for teens/elders in my opinion, so I added a couple of my own. However, I've tried to keep the text within Maxis style. I am quite fussy about things like that, and it passes *my* standards. Whether it is up to yours is your call. There are chance cards written for the new levels, but I didn't add a chance card to Maxis levels that don't already have them.

Notable: The Showbiz career works a little differently in the first level, in that it doesn't actually bring in a wage. That's because they haven't been spotted yet! But if your teen does well, he or she will be rewarded financially.

These jobs are in English only. They'll display in English even if your game is installed in another language. It kept pulling text from the careers I cloned otherwise. I have no plans to translate them.

If anyone would like to edit or use these as a base, be my guest

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Bidou's Career Editor
Syberpsunk's info on MATY about how career transitions work