Decorative Small Toys | Bunny Added

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2015 at 9:26 PM
Updated: 25th Apr 2015 at 10:41 AM
These are small versions of the huge children’s toys (Bear, Uni, Drago and Dino) turned into decorative objects, and a small override for the decorative Giraffe toy. Also included is a placement edit for the Lunchbox so that it can be put on shelves.

Update 2015-04-25: Updated to remove an unrelated file from the zip (a harmless one, see comments); the actual upload files are not changed.
Update 2015-04-03: Added the bunny reward toy from the recent patch (as a regular deco item, rewardness removed)
Update 2015-03-30: Fixed the wrong rig in the giraffe, if you’re using that please redownload. Thanks SlyStarDust!

Size comparison:

The .zip contains separate packages for each object. The lunchbox is a COBJ override with an edited placement flag, the four five formerly-huge toys are separate catalogue objects from the original ones (those are still available in Toys, unchanged). The giraffe is an override of the original object ‒ since one can still make it larger with the enlargement cheat (next to 9/0, not sure what keys those are on English keyboards) there isn’t really any point in having two of them. It also goes on shelves now.

All of these can be found in Room > Children > Kid’s Decoration and Function > Children > Decoration (not Toys!); the four formerly-huge toys cost 50§, the bunnies 65§ and the giraffe is changed to 85§. They are all sellable in GTW.