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Freddy Fazbear stuffed toys! (Including Golden Freddy)

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2022 at 5:27 AM
Updated: 12th Dec 2022 at 1:36 PM
I really love fnaf so I decided to make a giant Freddy Fazbear (And Golden Freddy) Plush for my sims to enjoy! Don't worry this one won't come to life and eat your face off, or will it?

This is a giant stuffed version of Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy, it includes an extra swatch for those Golden Freddy Fans out there.

This is a recolor of the stuffed bear from the base game. The recolors are of Freddy Fazbear from Five nights at freddy's. I've added every LOD for each face the bear has. Neutral, Happy, and Sad.

Name: Freddy Fazbear
Description: Ever want to give Freddy a great big kiss without risking your frontal lobe being bitten off? Then this plush is the one for you! No worries of it coming to life like others, we've been very careful to make sure there is no agony or remnant in this plush!
Price: 100
Colors: Dark Brown, Yellow.
Entertainment > Kids Toy

LOD 0 (High) (Neutral)______________Lod 0 (High) (Happy)______________Lod 0 (High) (Sad)
Verticles: 1564_____________________Verticles: 1611___________________Verticles: 1540
Polygons: 1832_____________________Polygons: 1852__________________Polygons: 1852
Drop shadow: 2/4__________________Drop Shadow: 2/4_________________Drop Shadow: 2/4
Phone: 1902/1607__________________Phone: 1902/1607_________________Phone: 1902/1607

LOD 0 (Medium) (Neutral)_____________Lod 0 (Medium) (Happy)______________Lod 0 (Medium) (Sad)
Verticles: 767_______________________Verticles: 797_______________________Verticles: 743
Polygons: 711______________________Polygons: 719_______________________Polygons: 719
Drop shadow: 2/4___________________Drop Shadow: 2/4___________________Drop Shadow: 2/4
Phone: 757/793_____________________Phone: 757/793_____________________Phone: 757/793

LOD 0 (Low) (Neutral)______________Lod 0 (Low) (Happy)_________________Lod 0 (Low) (Sad)
Verticles: 540_____________________Verticles: 556_______________________Verticles: 528
Polygons: 471_____________________Polygons: 475______________________Polygons: 475
Drop shadow: 2/4__________________Drop Shadow: 2/4__________________Drop Shadow: 2/4
Phone: 493/552___________________Phone: 493/552____________________Phone: 493/552

Fun : 5
Children Only :
Creativity :
Social :
Toddler Only :
Communication :

You only need the base game for this stuffed bear.