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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2015 at 10:29 PM
Updated: 14th May 2018 at 6:03 PM
Urban and modern, yet historical and artistic, Barcelona is one of the most important cities on the Mediterranean shores. The proud capital of Catalonia invites you to discover its lively street life, its singular architecture and its bustling nightlife. Barcelona is calling you, don’t miss it.

Barcelona is one of the most interesting cities I've ever been to, so around two years ago I had the idea to build a world based on it. My intention was to build most of the famous landmarks of the city and design a layout based on the actual distribution of the city's different areas, focusing on the most interesting ones. Of course I've had to cut many areas, and reduce the ones I've represented in order to adapt the idea to a playable Sims 3 world map. It's a very big and diverse city that includes all the necessary elements for your sims to live an truly urban life set in a coastal mediterranean environment full of history and art.

Map size: 2048x2048 (Large)
File Weight: 157 MB
World type: Suburb, like Sunset Valley
Spawn Points: The world includes all the spawners available in CAW from all the EPs except the WA ones. They are mostly located outside the urban area, in flat grassy areas. Some can also be located in parks and green areas inside the city. Many of the gem spawners can be found on the riverbanks.

Total number of lots: 113
Residential lots 31 (1 empty)
Community lots: 82*
*7 are actually small hidden lots (fountains,train tunnel entrances...), and other 7 just contain Subway stations. That makes a total of 68 "big" community lots.

EPs Required: All EPs (WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future).
SPs Required: High End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff.
Game update when the world was finished:

Some people have been able to play the world with some EPs or SPs missing. I still recommend to have them all installed, if your game is able to handle the world with some of them missing or not will depend on your computer.


There is also a flat area on the other side of the highway especially designed for adding lots from Edit Town, see a picture here

The world uses 65 Custom content files (.package). They are not included in the world file (Custard showed it clean), so it is necessary to download the used CC apart.

If you don't install the CC the world will lose all its playability and charm. The game will not replace the objects, so the rabbitholes will be missing and the look will radically get worse. I totally recommend to install the CC.

These are the used objects:
♦ Boat by Monsoon (boat.package):
♦ Deco Buildings by Monsoon (tall buildings 2 and 3):
♦ Goggalor's M&G and AL mansard roof conversions (Goggalor_BohemianOuterCorner, Goggalor_BohemianRepeat, Goggalor_MansardOuterCorner, Goggalor_MansardRepeat):,18244.0.html
♦ Criquette's Airport converted to Sims 3 by Moria (Graham_Airport_Terminal, Graham_AirportHanger_Blue, Graham_Buisiness_Jet, Graham_Cessna):
♦ Ilana's ferris wheel: (I converted it to .package with Sims 3 Pack Multi Installer)
♦ Jynx's Rabbithole Rugs (Bookstore, BusinessJournalism, CityHall, CriminalHideout, Diner, Hospital, Military, Police, School, Stadium, Theatre, Day Spa):
♦ Simsl3gacies' Rabbithole Rugs (Barcelona Rabbit Hole Rugs):
♦ Mutske's Dormer Dutch Facade: (I converted it to .package)
♦ Awesims' Cornices:
♦ 12 deco buildings I converted myself from Microsoft FSX (+ a building by Monsoon with edited textures):
♦ 26 objects* that right now are not available online either because the original links were taken down or because they were created especially for this world and were never uploaded. The creators of these objects are: Monsoon, TJStreak, Luna and Suzetter. Download them here:

*Click here to see a list of these 26 items

I've used The Boardwalk and Carousel sets from the Store. I recommend to have them, however, not having them will only affect one lot (Tibidabo Amusement Park).

- If you're using Barcelona with NRAAS' Traveler and these errors appear: your sim's UI goes black, the money is lost, the subscreen doesn't open, and the sim is unselectable, change the Base Camp's (Youth Hostel) lot type to something like "hangout" and the error will not return.
- There are some floating tiles on the bottom part of the National Museum of Art, next to the dirt path. You can delete them easily in the building mode.
- There is a road under a bridge in the highway where cars go up down. This happens everytime you add roads under bridges, and causes a weird animation. However, it is just a visual bug, routing is not affected and after the car has moved past the bridge everything goes back to normal.

The world was tested by me and other simmers who helped out. During the testing period most bugs were corrected, but I might have missed something. However, apart from the mentioned ones, you shouldn't find any serious errors and the world should be fully playable.

For populated, Spanish, and city-type (like Bridgeport) versions, visit my blog: Nilxis Designs.

-Auntielynds, for helping me fixing the problems that stopped the world from exporting, and literally, saving the whole project.
-Luna, for creating the Sagrada Familia towers and the Agbar tower.
-Monsoon, for converting some deco buildings and helping me to learn to do it myself.
-Daisylee, Daethaqt, Monica Almela, Junceda, Encloped, Alma70, Titi022002, Volvenom and Thranduil Oropherion for furnishing apartments.
-Javier, Thranduil Oropherion and Volvenom, for creating families.
-Volvenom, Tizerist, Diancarock, Marc, Mika Alaminos, Zach_Bundy, Monica, Parca, Joel, and Reenadelenyel for helping me test the world.
-Gabrymato, JarkaD, and Domangcop for letting me use their lots in the world.
-Gelina, Brntwaffles and Gurra for their lightning mods I've modified.
-Simsample, for this thread.
-Luna, Monsoon, TJStreak, Goggalor, Moria, Ilana, Jynx, Mutske, Suzetter, Simsl3gacies and Awesims for the used CC.
-Heaven, for the guidance during the uploading process here on MTS.
-Everyone who has left me comments, likes, feedback, ideas, etc. and has encouraged me to go on and finish the project.

I hope you enjoy Barcelona if you download it