City Tara V 1.0

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The beautiful and harsh city of Tara is located far out to sea, surrounded by uninhabited islands. Basically, the island has a rocky surface and little fertile land. Harsh and cold climate. But only here you can find out who you are!

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This is a reboot of my first beloved city "TARA", which has so many memories associated with it. In the old version, the city is tied to a lot of additional material, which made it a little difficult to use. The map was made by me.
Major changes from the first version:
1. The city is empty. All plots are empty, no families.
2. The number of plots decreased by 2. The sizes of the plots are standard (10x15, 20x20, 30x30, 64x64), there are several non-standard ones.
3. Completely repainted the entire map (full color matching with the distant area). There are minor relief changes.
4. Changed the main bridge. The old bridge did not fit well with the history of the city and the area.
5. Replaced road textures. There are more tracks.
6. Redesigned sites. The price will be reflected correctly (no more sky-high housing prices ).


Residential - 37 sites.
Public - 24. There is a beach (it is in the photo).
The city map itself is huge. This is the maximum possible. The passability is limited (the townspeople will not walk in the mountains). The rotation of the map is not limited. There are 10x10 sections in different parts of the town, if you find it a long route from home to work, you can install a metro.


The idea of ​​the city, as far from the life of big cities. I just wanted to make a realistic city where you could live in the wilderness and far from neighbors and city bustle. There are residential lots located so far away that a sim can get from morning to evening to the city. And life on the island is harsh. The island is rich only in stones and sand. Although the vegetation seems to be there, it is sparse. The land is not fertile, it is very difficult to grow something. The main dish on the local menu is fish. Fishing is the main activity of the average city dweller.

WHY V 1.0

Because I am planning to make a second version, but already built up. I'm still thinking about what I will do ... Perhaps the city will be populated.


Map size: huge
Patch Level: 1.67.
Layering: 8 layers including the Global Layer
Effects: Surf, seagulls, birds, fog, different types of fish.
Textures: 6 textures.


1. Add a city along the way: Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Downloads.
2. Start the game and click on "Downloads". Select the downloaded material and upload it.
3. Launch the game and select a city.

I hope you love him as much as I do

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