Alien Autonomy Mod

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2015 at 7:36 PM
Updated: 12th Jun 2015 at 5:51 PM - Update May 14th
Game Requirements and Combatibility

This mod was created with Version (Update 05/14/2015-05/15/2015)
This mod is now also compatible for Version (Update 06/11/2015)

Mod Description

Aliens can now use their Alien interactions autonomously! But be aware that Aliens have now the ability to erase someones memory. Which makes it harder to get in contact with them. Before you can blink, you could have already forgotten you ever met an Alien!

Following Alien interactions are now autonomous:

- Empathize (Friendly Social)
- Talk About Home (Friendly Social)
- Scare with Probe (Mischief Social)
- Erase Memory (Mischief Social)
- Ask About Party (Friendly Social)
- Analyze Personality (Friendly Social)
- Secret Handshake (Friendly Social)

Mod Versions

Autonomy ver. 3.3: All socials autonomous, no changes in values.
Autonomy ver. 3.3 (No Memory Erase): All socials autonomous, except memory erase!

Addons: [Use as a standalone or together with one of the Autonomy mods, only use one Addon at a time]

Addon - No Embarrassment for Aliens 1.3: if your own Sims or another alien got discovered as alien in disguise they will no longer get embarrassed, but rather confident! (This version is for the May Patch)
Addon - No Embarrassment and No Angry reactions for Aliens 1.3 With this version your Sims won't become angry after discovering Aliens in disguise, they will as the Aliens become rather confident!



Additional Credits:
My thanks goes to: SimPE Fogity