The Missionary Day Bed Frame

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Uploaded: 5th May 2015 at 7:14 PM
Updated: 28th Nov 2015 at 5:57 AM
A single day bed frame that matches its cousin the Missionary bed (and their grand-uncle, the Maxis Single/Double Mission). Since sims will often sit on beds anyway to socialise and watch TV and so on, this should be a nice space-saving option for small homes.

Six colour options, all referenced from the Mission bed. The mattress is not part of it, you can use one of these for example (Maxis bedding turnied into standalone mattresses).

Note that the bed frame won’t stop sims from getting into the bed from both sides, so when you don’t put this with its back against the wall you need to put something else behind it to block access. Also, since mattresses do not sit exactly in the middle of three tiles (lengthwise), the frame also doesn’t ‒ by default it will fit the mattress exactly when the head side is on the left (like shown on almost all screenshots), if you want to turn the mattress around you need to move it a little bit to make it fit.

Available in Beds for 240§.

Polygon Counts:

High/Mid Poly: 744V/358F
Sun Shadow: 175V/188F

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.