*UPDATED 30/5/18* TS2 to TS4 - Tiki Outdoor Set & Add Ons

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Uploaded: 28th May 2015 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 30th May 2018 at 1:14 PM
Hey guys!
Here's the Tiki Outdoor Set from The Sims 2 Seasons!
The Sims 4 is really missing outdoor sets and I thnk this one is perfect

I made some add ons again
Anyway the set consists of 14 items:

Tiki Chair: Costs: 220$
Tiki Living Chair: Costs: 275$
Tiki Loveseat: Costs: 315$
Tiki Barstool: Costs: 295$
Tiki Bar: Costs: 1600$
Tiki Table Big: Costs:310$
Tiki Small Table: Costs:245$ Add On by me
Tiki Coffee Table: Costs:170$
Tiki End Table: Costs:100$ Add On by me
Tiki Umbrella: Costs:360$
Tiki Idol: Costs:490$
Tiki Idol Fountain: Costs:500$ Add On by me
Tiki Idol Small: Costs:290$
Tiki Candles: Costs 90$ Add On by me

All of them have their original colors from TS2 along with the catalog descriptions and prices.
In total we have 24 matching swatches for the chairs and the loveseat, 9 for the barstool,bar and tables,3 for the statues and the candles (All the possible variations from TS2.)

As usual please note that TS2 meshes are more detailed than TS4 so that means higher poly counts! Check them!

My Add Ons are the Single Dining Table,The End Table , the fountain statue and the candles(they are a retexture of EA mesh)

*UPDATE 30/5/18: I updated the set up to Cat & Dogs & the latest patch , please download again and replace the files with the new ones *

I really hope you like them..
Feel free to recolor them!
More to come!

Polygon Counts:
Tiki Chair: Costs: H:1340 L:877
Tiki Living Chair: H:1387 L:1049
Tiki Loveseat: H:2400 L:1564
Tiki Barstool: H:1263 L:953
Tiki Bar: H:3354
Tiki Table Big: H:1583 L:1106
Tiki Small Table:H:1583 L:1132
Tiki Coffee Table: H:1740 L:1184
Tiki End Table: H:1724 L:1143
Tiki Umbrella: H:1068
Tiki Idol: H:1201
Tiki Idol Fountain: H:1201 L:1039
Tiki Idol Small: H:1213 L:807
Tiki Candles: Same as EA

Additional Credits:
EA & TS2 for the meshes and textures
Sims4Studio (Joy)
Photoshop CS6
The awesome tutorials over at Sims4Studio.com!