Realistic Child Cooking Skills

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Uploaded 2nd Jun 2015 at 12:57 PM · Updated 4th Jun 2015 at 9:37 AM by plasticbox : Correcting the category

When you are playing on a normal lifespan, the cooking skill for children is very unrealistic to achieve. I tested it out to see how many muffins you need to bake to reach the max cooking skill, and I got to 22! Even if you had your child bake muffins for every meal, they wouldn't manage to reach the maximum skill!
This mod makes it so that it's faster to be able to reach the maximum skill at a more realistic pace for people playing on a normal lifespan.

This mod comes in 3 flavours inside the .zip file, but make sure you only put ONE in your package folder!
UndeadLurker_1.5XFasterToyOvenSkill = Makes the skill one and a half times faster. It equals to about 15 muffins to reach the maximum skill.
UndeadLurker_2XFasterToyOvenSkill = Makes the skill twice the speed. Equals to about 11 muffins to reach the maximum skill.
UndeadLurker_3XFasterToyOvenSkill = Makes the skill triple the speed. Equals to about 8 muffins to reach the maximum skill.

This mod edits the Bake_toyoven itun file
This mod was built with the patch 1.67

Additional Credits:
Hair by Beaverhausen

Type: Skilling

Tags: #children, #skills, #kids, #toy