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Hidden Skills Unhidden

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2011 at 4:44 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2013 at 11:05 PM
October 26, 2013: Never mind about that....I didn't put the updated version in my own personal game. The mod is updated and works perfectly fine with 1.63 and Into the Future.

October 26, 2013: Never mind, don't download. Found a major issue when you've got this mod installed, so I have to go back and try and fix it.

October 26, 2013: Updated for version 1.63 and Into the Future (and probably for the last time). The usual, any issues, let me know.

Past updates:

ElliotDX made a mod that unhides the hidden skills. It was a nice mod, but it's not been updated since before Late Night came out, so I made my own.

This mod will unhide all the hidden skills. This means you will see a progress bar over your sim's head like when they are gaining any other skill. They also will show up in you sim's skill journal. They don't have a real icon, but rather just a fading dot and when you check them in the skill journal, they will be labeled as "Hidden _____ Skill." You also won't receive a award certificate for mastering these skills.

With the release of Into the Future, we finish out with there being 50 hidden skills. They are:

Base Game
Dancing (3)
Diving (2)
Chess (10)
Hacking (10)
Mooch (10)
Video Game (10)
Homework (10)
Air Guitar (10)
Collecting (10)
Foosball (10)
Sandbox (4)

World Adventures
Snake Charming (10)

Tattooing (10)
Trampoline (10)
Gnubb (10)
Styling (10)
Consignment (10)

Late Night
Club Dancing (3)
Shuffleboard (10)
Rock Band (1)
Darts (10)
Bubbles (10)
Arcade Machine (10)

Hopscotch (10)

WildlifeFriend (6)
Trick (5)

Dominoes (10)
DJ Turntable (5)
Entertainer (10)
Magic (10)
Pool (10)**
Karaoke (3)
Performance Artist (10)
Gambling* (10)
Golfing (10)

Lycanthropy (10)
Broom Riding (10)
Spellcasting (10)
Fairy Magic (10)

Skating (6)
Snowboarding (2)
Horseshoes (10)
Ball Fighting (3)

University Life
Ping Pong (5)
Bowling (5)
Influence Nerd (10)***
Influence Rebel (10)***
Influence Socialite (10)***

Island Paradise
Wind Surfing (10)
Water-skiing (10)

Into the Future
Bug Eating (3)

With Island Paradise, a Fire-walking skill was added. However, the code did not list it as hidden, and it only has 2 levels.

*Requires store casino set to have a use

**Pool is now listed as a Base Game skill. Photography is also now listed as an EP 1(World Adventures) and EP 9 (University Life) skill.

***These skills are set to decay over time.

Outdated info:

I don't know how this will work without one or more of the EPs, but since ElliotDX was able to use his with just the Base Game and Ambitions, I'd assume using this without an EP would be fine. If it does not work and you are missing one or more EPs, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

This mod works with AwesomeMod and NRaas StoryProgression. It will conflict with any mod that edits the Skills XML.

Additional Credits:
Peter Jones for The Sims 3 Package Editor and the tutorial here on MTS that showed me how easy it is to edit an XML file.