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Undone -- 2 open Oxford Shirts with Long Tie

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2015 at 3:09 AM
Updated: 27th Jun 2015 at 2:14 PM
My obsession with menswear--particularly mens' office wear--continues! This time I bring you a pet project--the open oxford shirt with an undone long tie! Perfect for lounging around the house after work ... or possibly around someone else's house :D

There are two shirts included--you can use one or the other. Or both! Be daring!

Undone has an undershirt included. It has two presets--V1 is a low-cut undershirt, V2 is higher-cut and sweat-stained at the neck. It is enabled for everyday, formalwear, and career. It has three channels--shirt, undershirt, and tie.

Undone, Shirtless has no undershirt (surprise!). It is enabled for everyday, formalwear, career, and nude. It has two channels--shirt and tie.

All morphs included on both shirts with the exception of the pregnancy morph. The tie was adjusted to each morph by hand--it will work with most animations, poses, but you will still get occasional odd sinking/clipping depending on what your sim is up to. I apologize for that!

These shirts are base-game compatible and you will not need Late Night to use them. All textures/meshes are from in-game items.


Polygon Counts:

Undone, Shirtless:

Additional Credits:
TSRW, S3PE. and everyone on Tumblr who posted suggestions and encouragement. This is for you! <3