Default replacement - University YAF undies.

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2015 at 6:07 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2015 at 8:17 PM - Fix typo
These are texture replacements for yfbodyunderwear, the YAF undies that were included with University. It uses the dark blue, red, purple, and dark pink tanks from this set by Anna, with slight tweaks to lightness. I made the dark pink a little lighter and the other colors a little darker, but did not change anything else; they are still basically Anna's colors. I've kept to the basic Maxis color scheme, blue replaces blue, pink replaces pink, etc. Since Anna's outfits are bumpmapped, while the Maxis originals are not, each replacement package includes a bumpmap image and replacement TXMTs that use it. (The bumpmap images themselves are not replacements.) The replacement outfits are enabled for adults as well as for young adults; the originals are for young adults only.

There is one replacement package for the blue and red undies with the marshmallow decals, and one for the pink and purple ones with the winged plumb bob decals. You can replace either or both, as you prefer. Since these packages replace outfits included in University, they require University to work properly. All resources are compressed.

Also, since some people don't care for tank-style undies, I made replacement packages that use Anna's bras. They use the same colors and are set up the same way; there is one package for each decal style, and each package has a bumpmap image. You can mix and match tanks and bras, as long as you only have one package for each pair of outfits.

Usually, you can only have one replacement for a given outfit, but one texture replacement can replace part of another if it loads later. So, if you have a texture replacement for the University undies, you can use one of my packages to replace part of it, as long as my package loads last. Since the bumpmap images in my packages are not replacements for any of the base-game Maxis bumpmaps, you can also use one or two of my packages to replace the YAF part of a texture replacement package that includes both the base-game AF undies and the University YAF undies.

Note: I used Cat's replacement mesh for AF swimwear and undies. If you use either the Maxis mesh or HP's replacement mesh, the outfits will not look exactly the same as in the pictures.

Additional Credits:
Anna, for the replacement textures. (Many more colors are available at the link.)
Maxis, for the original outfits and mesh.