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Get to College

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2015 at 10:46 AM
Updated: 31st Jul 2015 at 2:55 AM
STBLS for the translators added!

Do you want to go to university? If you do want to, download the University mod!

This adds three majors to the game, each with their own unique goals. The majors are: Physical Education, Fine Arts and Music!

Get To Work and version 1.9.80 of the game.

Add three new venues, Physical Education Building, Fine Arts Building, and Music Building.
Adds a new object: Podium
Adds two interactions, Streaking and Asking Questions
A challenging grade system where getting higher grades requires actual effort and many sleepless nights.
If you pass your major, you get qualifications that allows you to start in level 4 of the career your major allows!

Downloading Lots From The Gallery
(From Zerbu)
Sometimes, when downloading a lot from the gallery, the game won’t automatically register it to the career events system. After downloading a work lot from the gallery or placing one from your library,set the lot type to something random, exit build mode, enter build mode again then
set the lot type to the correct type. If this is your first time using the mod, I strongly suggest saving before sending a Sim to work for
the first time, just to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.


I strongly suggest to disable aging as when your sims go to university as in The Sims 3, they didn't age. You should re-enable it after they
graduate though.

University Days

Activity Days - These are the days where your sims do things that train them for the real world: Working out for Physical Education, painting
and woodworking for Fine Arts, and playing instruments for Music! These take place on Monday and Wednesday.

Lecture Days - These are the days where your sims learn from their hopefully awesome professor! Goals for these day involve Watching the Lecture
and Asking Questions. These take place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Presentation Day - This is the day where your sim gives a presentation to their class! Note: If your sim doesn't study for the presentation day,
he or she will lose a lot of performance, likewise, if your sim studies before it, they'll get a huge boost to their grade!

Special Days

First Day - This is the day where you get to know your classmates!

Graduation Day - This is the last day, say your goodbyes to your friends and enemies on this day. After this your sim gets their
qualifications to start at level 4 of their dream job! This takes place on Day 20 of your sim's university major.

Studying Your Topics

One of the most important things to do in University is to study. To actually study, purchase the University Supplies from the Build Catalog
and study to your heart's content! Warning: Like real life, studying takes a loong time, and takes about- I think four hours, so your sim will have
many sleepless nights in their quest for the highest grade! If they don't study, even if they perform well in their tasks at the University,
they'll get worse and worse grades.
So please, make your sims study!


As with any mod, there may be bugs. I've tested it pretty thoroughly and have sent it out for testing for the past few days and nobody has
reported any show-stopping bugs, so I have declared the mod safe for public consumption.
(From Zerbu again, but altered.)
If you discover any bugs, please report them. Please include which major and grade you’re playing, as it will make it 100x easier to find the


For those who don't have turbo careers
If you have a previous Zerbu- Venue List mod, remove it and install in the modified Zerbu - Venue List Mod. Install the rest of the files

For those with Turbo Careers, download the latest version that separates career overrides and the main mod. Remove Zerbu - Turbo Careers Mod
Pack - Career Overrides and instead install Modified Zerbu - Turbo Careers Mod Pack - Career Overrides instead. If you have a previous Zerbu-
Venue List mod, remove it and install the modified Zerbu - Venue List Mod. Install the rest of the files normally. DO NOT UNZIP THE zip INSIDE THE ZIP.

Lot Requirements

Requirements for all majors
A podium and a classroom.
Bathroom for your sims bladders!
A cafeteria

Requirements for Physical Education Building
At least 9 workout equipment and a swimming pool

Requirements for Music Building
At least 11 instruments

Requirements for Fine Arts Building
At least 11 easels, preferably only one woodworking table as sims currently don't use them autonomously.
Art to view and critique


Additional Credits:
Kaspookaboo for creating a university which I ultimately didn't use in the final version.
Zerbu for helping me out.
Scumbumbo for his adding to the sim affordance list tutorial, his adding to the social mixer list python tutorial and help.
TheSimKid for his The Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack
Mod Workshop
Sims Universe for providing The Sims 4 Logo Font
Everyone who tested this mod and gave feedback.
No thanks to the people who did test this mod and didn't give feedback.