2 Outdoor Planters - Atomik Garden - volume 1

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2015 at 12:21 AM
2 different series of planter. 5 variations per planter !

- Round and a bit smaller than the maxis one, with a real terra cotta texture and a better looking dirt !
- Square and wooden box for individual plant. Better looking dirt and our quality texture. There’s no reasons plants have to be roommates to be in a box !

Hiro, our green genius is really fond of them. Planters with a look of used planter, natural materials. It is not good to grow plants in plastic pot, always prefer terra cotta as it retains humidy and so does wood. Want a green garden like Hiro’s ? Choose our planters :D

All planters are fully functional ! Hiro approved

This object doesn’t override anything and works fine in game

Category : Build
Price : 50§

This picture to show you the difference between Hiro's planters ( on the left ) and Maxis' planters ( on the right )

Hiro working his garden with wooden and terra cotta planters. Very much natural. Bio all the way !

Polygon Counts:
Round Terra Cotta : 110
Square Woody : 475

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