Slower or No Relationship (LTR) decay with optional bonus

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2015 at 4:20 PM
Updated: 18th Sep 2015 at 4:35 PM
This is a relationship mod I'm working on which I would really love testers for

First I want to talk about the bonus package. This is something I made for myself to change additional values. This XML is long, and if you have a mod that has something to do with relationship bonuses or learning traits then this will probably conflict. Use delphy's dashboard tool if you're not sure.

The bonus flavor increases the LTR for two interactions; ask sign and ask alma mater.

~ LTR increase for compatible zodiac signs default 5. This is changed to 20.

~ LTR increase for shared alma mater default 5. This is changed to 15.

What this does is give a nice boost to the relationship if your signs are compatible. But this may feel cheaty. I've been tweaking the values to try and find a nice medium.

The main part of this mod slows down relationship decay so your sim won't lose friends as quickly.

The default hour LTR starts decaying is 48 (2 days)


** Slower relationship decay; 500 hours (20 days) **

** No relationship decay; 9,999,999,999 hours (416,666,666 days) **

** Less slow relationship decay; 168 hours (7 days) **

This still needs testing. I should probably note that the slower relationship decay flavor will still cause you to take a while to lose friends, if at all. With no relationship decay, this increases the time that the relationship will start decaying for so many hours that your sim would never outlive it.. this is my method of going about this mod.

Pick only one.

Questions or comments are welcome.

Additional Credits: S3PE