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Modern But Rustic Furnished and Unfurnished

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Uploaded: 19th Nov 2015 at 5:29 PM
Test Sim, Marcus Juniper, wanted a modern house with its different levels of flat roofs, but it needed some character, so Sim builders added wood planks. When Marcus saw it, he pronounced it, "Modern, but rustic." Here you have two versions, one furnished, the other unfurnished for ease of customizing. The unfurnished version is priced at 81,559 and the furnished is 121,620. The house has two bedrooms, 2.5 baths, open concept living and dining, attached garage, and pool with jacuzzi. The unfurnished version has kitchen cabinets and sinks, bathroom fixtures, and the jacuzzi. So for your modern Sims here you also have a touch of rusticity.

Note: Sorry, but the bathtub in the master bath will have to be turned around. It's always something!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 121,620

Custom Content by Me:
- braided Mexican rug
- Sofa Back Table
- Built In Bookcase
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 5
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 4
- wood tile 2 floor
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 6
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 8
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 1
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 9
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 3
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 2
- Dark Wood Floor Boards
- dark brown mingledy carpet
- Blue Floral Victorian Rug 7
- Formal But Homey Curtain Rod
- Formal But Homey Curtain Single
- Formal But Homey Curtain Single in Sheer Cream recolor
- Sofa Back Table in Mission Dark Wood recolor
- Super Modern Bookcase
- Super Modern Bookcase in Oak recolor
- concrete block wall
- dark brown wood panels wall
- large black tile wall
- light gray stucco wall
- blue green stucco with molding wall

Custom Content Included:
- Chiclettina Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- x3 Stair wall fix (on top of Maxis split level) by JRW

Additional Credits: SimPE