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Tomato Salad

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2016 at 12:38 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2016 at 2:22 PM
A salad that sims can prepare from tomatos. You also need foods-custom-interactions (today’s update) from this thread in order for it to be available in your game.

Update 2016-02-12: Updated with Czech translation added.

Requires 1 tomato per serving + 1§ flat fee; no cooking skill needed. It is available from the “Custom Food” menu that comes with the food interactions, as well as in Make/Serve Lunch and Make/Serve Dinner.


US English, Chinese (wuccwzt), Czech (Rynka_CS), Dutch (ElenaInTheSims), French (Damabiah), German (pbox), Portugese (lexus20), Spanish (sofi2401/gato_24), Italian (Eámanë), Polish (hubi98), Russian (igor97); other contributions welcome.

Polygon Counts:

Same as the Maxis Garden Salad (Base Game); mesh is unchanged.

TSRW, Paint.net, Notepad++, s4pe.