Sim Shadow Fix (updated 2 Jan '16)

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2015 at 11:14 AM
Updated: 7th Dec 2023 at 7:40 PM
This mod fixes Sims' shadows shown as black rectangles. Originally, correctly rendered Sims' shadows have a blue tint. This mod makes the shadows achromatic. You may use this mod even if your game has no problems with rendering shadows.

Update (2 Jan 2016): Added the reallyNotMisty version. See the known issues section.
The mod also works with The Sims: Life Stories, The Sims: Castaway Stories and The Sims: Pet Stories.

There are three versions which differ in the opaque (see the screenshot below) – choose only one.

Restoring shadows
You probably have turned (Sims') shadows off when a problem with black rectangles occurred. To make this mod useful you have to turn them back on. Here's how to do it:
In the game, set the Lighting setting in Graphics/Performance Options to high.
If you still cannot see Sims' shadows, in Graphics Rules.sgr (in [Latest EP/SP folder or basegame folder if you don't have any EPs or SPs]\TSData\Res\Config) find option Shadows. This is what you'd see:
option Shadows
   setting $Low
      boolProp simShadows       false
      boolProp objectShadows    false
      boolProp guob             false
      boolProp heightMapShadows false

   setting $Medium
      boolProp simShadows       false
      boolProp objectShadows    false
      boolProp guob             true
      boolProp heightMapShadows true

   setting $High
      boolProp simShadows       false   ← if it's false, change to true
      boolProp objectShadows    true
      boolProp guob             true
      boolProp heightMapShadows true
You have to delete boolProp simShadows false and boolProp simShadows off from userStartup.cheat (in Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 (or The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection)\Config) too, if this file exist and those lines are in it.

Known issues
Sim shadows overlap and cut simetimes, but it isn't caused by the mod.

If you have downloaded simNopke-simShadowFix0.# and Sims' shadows in your game are misty, try out simNopke-simShadowFix0.#reallyNotMisty instead. That bug may occur on some Intel HD graphics cards.

None that I know of.

Overridden resource
Type nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Maxis Material Shader0xCD7FE87A0x1C0532FA0xFF03CFFC0xD2989BDE
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