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Sau MYOS F18 Pooklet'd

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2015 at 2:27 AM
Updated: 30th Dec 2015 at 6:27 PM
For this months theme, Winter Wonderland, I decided to recolor hairstyles with winter hats. I live in Sweden, and grew up with cold snowy winters so when I think of winter wonderland it's snowy and beautiful, but very cold. Just the kind of weather where you want to wear a warm cosy hat!

I went over my CC hairs, and found two that I thought perfect for this. One of them was SAU Myos female mesh 18. I discovered this mesh back in the day, through recolors created by Caiza (found here at MTS). Caiza made me realize how cute these can be, especially on younger Sims I am terrible at creating fabric textures, and as I understand it Caiza is okay with parts of her recolors being used in new recolors of the same object. Therefore I used some of her hat recolors, and a darker version I made using her pink hat recolor as base, but changed the hair to pooklet colors.

I hope you and your simmies enjoy these on those cold snowy winter days (if you have Seasons and play with winter, that is ). If you've seen my creations before you'll know I can't pick between combinations, and true to this proud history of over-doing it, I have created all 10 hair colors for all four hats. Who am I to say redheads can't have a pink hat?

Pooklet scheme
As usual I have made this in the Pooklet colors I prefer.

Family 1: Dynamite, Depth Charge, Incendiary, Explosive, Mail Bomb
Family 2: Land Mine, Brisance, Volatile, Pyrotechnic, Time Bomb

Hats come in Caiza's blue, green and pink, and a dark version I created based on Caiza's pink. Each hat color has it's own family set.

Each of the hat recolors can be seen from the front, sides and back. Pink can be seen with Land Mine, blue with Pyrotechnic, green with Depth Charge, and the dark hat is shown with Volatile.

Technical information
- For females
- For all ages
- Grey recolors only for elders
- Requires MYOS mesh F18
- Binned
- Family'd (see pictures above)
- Mesh is 7636 poly (WARNING! HIGH POLY! READ BELOW)
- Files are clearly named and have tooltips with the filename, so you should be able to pick and choose easily
- Compressed with jfade's compressorizor

Mesh information
Polycount is 7636 HIGH POLY For more information about polycounts and why they matter, see this article at the Sims Wiki. If you experience lag, you should probably not use this hair as it will strain your computer.

Mesh package is called is MYOS_fhair18_Mesh.package

SAU creations can be found at their blog. As MTS has allowed SAU meshes to be included in the past, I have included the mesh in a separate zip for your convenience.

Not quite perfect
When creating this I failed to notice that Caiza's recolors put straight bangs on a curved mesh, which means there is a line where the mesh curves and the texture doesn't follow. I used hers as base, and therefore my recolors have the same issue (which you can see as a slight line in the bangs on the screenshots showing the front). I only noticed this as I was taking screenshots to upload, and since it took me so long to notice I judged it too minor to merit re-doing all 40 recolors from scatch. I'm sorry about that, I'll be sure to double-check the mesh next time I recolor.

If this really bugs you then I'm sorry. I'm sure there are other versions out there you might like better

- SAU Myos for the mesh
- Caiza for the hat recolors (Her recolors found here). She has a lot of interesting recolors here on MTS, at TSR and her blog. If you haven't seen them before, you should go check them out.
- Pooklet for the lovely pooklet hair colors
- Iakoa for the GIMP curves I used to create this

Programs used
- Bodyshop
- MS Paint
- CatOfEvilGenius' tooltip adder (found here. I highly recommend it, very useful tool)
- jfade's compressorizer

What does family'd mean?
Family means that if your Sim has a hairstyle, and you switch from one haircolor to another, the game remembers the hairstyle and your Sim wears the same one but in the new color. It also means that when a Sim ages up, it'll keep the same hairstyle (if that age group is available).

What does pooklet'd mean?
Pooklet was a creator who created a set color scheme for hairstyles. Pooklet'd means that the recolors have been done in the pooklet color scheme, and will match other recolors that are pooklet. They are great if you want your Sims to change their hairstyle without magically changing the shade of their hair.

What is polycount and why does it matter?
See this great article on the Wiki for more information.