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Santa Claus Hat Converted For Females

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Uploaded 31st Dec 2015 at 8:08 PM · Updated 1st Jan 2016 at 12:01 AM by Jawusa

I wondered how the Santa Claus hat from The Sims 2 Holiday SP would look like if it was enabled for females.

So I converted it and I saw that the original hairstyle doesn't look good on females.
That's why I chose another hairstyle which was already in the game and added the Santa hat on it.

This hair has been cloned from the male Santa Claus hat from TS2 Holiday SP, but you won't need it, this will work with just the base game.

I've merged all of the recolor and mesh files into one package and compressed it using the Compressorizer.
So if you're deleting a recolor (e.g. black hair), you're also deleting the mesh and the other recolors.

It's been binned, familified, townified and using Quick Easy Hair Binner.
Enabled for teens, YA, adults and elders. Females only. Outerwear and Maternity enabled. 1 grey for all 4 colors.

To install it, unzip the file and put the package into your Downloads folder, as usual.

I hope you like it! If you want to recolor this hair using your own textures, you're free to do so; you can also include the mesh file if you want but please give credit and link back to this page. Thanks.
By the way, the sims in the picture are a part of Winter Wonderland. I used the Winter Wonderland locals as models for this upload.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Polygon Counts:
- hair_alpha3 (FaceCount=146, VertexCount=109)
- hair_alpha5 (FaceCount=122, VertexCount=83)
- hat (FaceCount=748, VertexCount=450)

- hair_alpha3 (FaceCount=122, VertexCount=83)
- hair_alpha5 (FaceCount=122, VertexCount=83)
- hat (FaceCount=748, VertexCount=450)

Additional Credits:
CatOfEvilGenius for Quick Easy Hair Binner
MTS for being such a great website!
EA/Maxis for developing such a great game!
Body Shop SimPE

Hair Style: Maxis-Match
Maxis Flags: Gender Conversions
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

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