No Death By Satellite

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Uploaded 2nd Jan 2016 at 5:15 AM · Updated 2nd Jan 2016 at 10:21 PM by gummilutt

Do you wish your Sims could watch all the pretty clouds and stars without the risk of a hunk of metal falling from the skies on your precious Sim? Do you just not want Sims to die unexpectedly? Whatever your reason, you now have the option to opt out!

I made this for our resident save-the-Sims simmer, AndrewGloria May all your Sims be safe and sound, just as you want them to be.

What is this?
This is a global mod that completely prevents death by satellite while watching clouds and while stargazing. Your Sims can watch clouds all day and stars all night if they'd like, no satellites will suddenly fall out of the sky.

Compatible with all EPs and SPs. It has been thoroughly tested with all EPs/SPs. The code has not changed since Base Game, so there's no reason why it would work differently with a different set up.

Will conflict with twojeff's Death By Satellite - Higher Odds. There's no reason to have his if you have mine, since his aims to increase the chance and mine removes it.

Does not conflict with Cyjon's Deadly Satellites, but it does still prevent satellites from dropping so there isn't much point in using both.

- AndrewGloria for the request
- twojeff for his Death By Satellite - Higher Odds which helped me locate the correct resource a lot faster than if I'd have had to start from scratch

Type: Global Mods

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